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Baseball Prospectus – Top 10 Prospects: July 1-6

It’s a premium article, so you can’t see it unless you’re a subscriber, but Andy Marte is listed as the third best prospect in the minor leagues (“Strikeouts are his only negative indicator at the moment.”) and Adam Wainwright tenth (“Velocity has been down and strikeout rate is worrisome.”) The Braves are the only team with two of the top ten.

2 thoughts on “Prospectus Prospects”

  1. -Start sarcasm-
    So other than his velocity being down and his strike out rate being low, everything is fine. More great insight from BP.

    I heard that the guy they ranked 11th had is pitching arm ripped off by a pack of wild dogs during his last start. It kept him out of the top ten, but his future still looks bright.
    -End sarcasm-

  2. The other pitchers on the list have had more impressive seasons. On the other hand, Wainwright is more than holding his own at AA and is still one of the youngest pitchers there.

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