9 thoughts on “They won’t last”

  1. I love how you’re the only guy there who calls them Natspos. It’s a good enough nickname that you’ll be seeing it all over the other blogs soon. Since one is a Mets blog, you’ll be hearing it on ESPN in under two weeks.

  2. in the BA article did you see the blurb about Andrus the 16 yr. old Braves farm hand?

  3. He’s 16 years old, Smitty. I don’t think there’s been a player younger than 18 since World War II. Actually, there have been precious few that young.

  4. Elvis doesn’t have many XBH in the GCL, so he’s a little ways *cough* from the bigs. That said, he’ll be exciting to watch going forward.

  5. About the nats: I know the math is absurd; you just can’t expect to keep winning if you’re giving up more runs than you score, and you essentially lose every single game where you give up more than 4 runs… but if they actually keep up their mid-season pace and win 100 games this season (at the halfway point, they were 50-31) and take the division, do we consider them a legit threat next year or not?

    I ask it like that because since the start of the season, all anyone has said is that they’re a team not nearly as good as their record shows and not nearly good enough to lead the division… but somehow they keep doing it. Can they be viewed as legitimate contenders without fixing the run-scoring problem?

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