– MLB – Recap – Braves at Diamondbacks – 05/03/2003

You can’t win them all, but losing like this… The Braves took a 6-3 lead into the bottom of the sixth, but Ray King allowed a two run homer, and then in the seventh the umpires took over the game. Kevin Gryboski had pitched to three hitters, allowing a hit and a walk. And then the umpires decided that the bandage on his left left wrist (where he was hit by a line drive against the Astros) was the wrong color, and ejected him. Jung Bong came into the game without warming up and allowed two hits to give the Diamondbacks the lead. Now, I’m hardly Gryboski’s biggest fan, but in that case the Braves were better off with him in there than a cold pitcher of whatever quality.

It never should have gotten that far. The Braves loaded the bases in the first of Curt Schilling, but didn’t score. They had thirteen hits, two homers (one by Andruw; it was the first time this year they lost when he homered) and five walks. No way they should have scored only six runs, and the D-Backs should have been playing out the game rather than trying to rally at that stage.

Russ Ortiz didn’t really pitch well — six hits and five walks in five innings — but he managed to hold the Diamondbacks to three runs. The only Brave pitcher to not be charged with a run — actually the only one not charged multiple runs — was the man on the hill when the tying and winning runs were scored, Bong.

Robert Fick had three hits, including a homer, and three RBI. Andruw also had three RBI and moved into a tie for the league lead… The Expos also lost, so the Braves maintained the lead in the division.