Marquis could land in bullpen | Braves |Braves Notebook

Unfortunately, Jason seems to have cracked up. He says he’s a starter and he “never will” consider himself a reliever. And then he went out and gave up 13 runs on 12 hits to the Indians. He’ll get one or two regular season starts to redeem himself, but then it’s the bullpen or Richmond. Or a trade; I hadn’t seen trade speculation before, but there it is in this notebook. It’s bad timing. Buy low, sell high.

2 thoughts on “Marquis could land in bullpen”

  1. Jason needs to stop whining, he didn’t even EARN the bullpen spot, he got lucky. He could easily be a starter, down in AAA.

  2. Man, if I had his talent, I’d do anything they wanted me to do. Oh well, sometimes people get a little too lucky…

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