ajc.com | Braves | Caray, Van Wieren on Turner South but not TBS

More brilliance from the suits. Only Joe Simpson and Don Sutton will work TBS games this year, as part of TBS’ attempts to “focus more on the opposing team and league-wide developments in an attempt to broaden the audience.” Because there’s that huge untapped audience of Florida Marlins fans out there dying to tune in to Atlanta Braves baseball. It’s moronic even for the people at AOL/TW. Most teams don’t have much of an audience outside their region, and in their region their fans will watch their own games.

Simpson/Sutton is the Braves’ worst announcing team anyway, rarely heard and almost never seen. (And I like Joe; he just needs to be controlled.) Get ready for an entire season of complaints about how pitchers are babied and never throw 170 pitches in a game anymore, joined with demands that Andruw Jones stop hitting all these home runs and start hitting more singles to right field. Pete and Skip get exiled to Turner South, which only seven households, all of them in the metropolitan Atlanta area, receive. I have digital cable and 120 channels, I get nine varieties of Showtime and six of the Discovery Channel, and I don’t get Turner South.