Byrd will spend first week on DL | Braves | BRAVES REPORT

As had become apparent over the last two weeks… Among other things, this is a reprieve for Jason Marquis, who should get at least one start while Byrd is getting ready. But I still think Horacio Ramirez is the fifth (fourth for now) starter, and that Jason will be demoted to Richmond or the bullpen when Byrd returns.

Mike Hampton actually had a good start yesterday. Whether this means he’s turned a corner, or if it was just facing the Mets, is anyone’s guess.

Mike Venafro, of whose acquisition and major league contract I was extremely critical, has been so bad (second item) that the Braves may cut him. Jung Bong may wind up the second lefty in the pen, which if nothing else will boost jersey sales.

3 thoughts on “Byrd will spend first week on DL”

  1. I think this competition has gotten to Marquis- Cleveland is absolutely walloping him. 20 minutes into the first inning and he’s already walked three, including one with the bases loaded. 10 runs have scored, and it took a baserunning error and a spectacular catch by Andruw to end the inning. Ughhh…

  2. The 13 spot the Indians hung on Marquis yesterday should just about punch his ticket to Richmond. Dawley had a seven run inning yesterday as well and this comes not long after the Yankees used him for batting practice. So I guess he should be nervous as well.

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