The only infielder on the 40-man roster I see as having any chance of making the team in spring training is Wilson Betemit, and his chances are slim. He’d basically need someone (probably Furcal) to get hurt for an extended period, or to be so good they can’t keep him on the farm. I think that the Braves probably were hoping he’d be ready by 2003, but he hit .245/.312/.370 in AAA last year (better in the second half) and was hurt.

Jesse Garcia, who spent time in the majors last year, is a possibility as a utility infielder. There just doesn’t seem to be the space on either the 40-man or 25-man for him. To make space on the former, they’d have to designate someone for assignment or put someone on the 60-day DL. As for the latter, if the Braves carry 12 pitchers again they’ll only have space for five reserves. They’re already going to have to either unload a catcher or keep Estrada in Richmond. Personally, I’d rather have an extra bat than the extra reliever. Heck, I’d rather go with ten pitchers, at least early in the season… If DeRosa wins a starting job, the Braves may be more likely to keep one of these guys as a utility infielder. Betemit probably needs more seasoning, while Garcia is as seasoned as he’s going to get. Jesse isn’t much of a hitter, but he can run a little and play shortstop.–Atlanta Roster