Repeating myself

Don’t break the bank for Maddux, Glavine

As regular readers no doubt know, Terence Moore is a jackass.

Despite wonderful numbers in the regular season, both Glavine and Maddux have losing records in October.

[Incorrect information deleted.] Moore, instead, wants the Braves to sign Fred McGriff and Marquis Grissom. Leaving aside Grissom’s general uselessness, both are old players who are clearly far more in decline than Maddux or Glavine. I could point out something they have in common that the pitchers don’t, but I will demur.

5 thoughts on “Repeating myself”

  1. You may be reading baseball-reference wrong on their postseason records. They have different columns for team W/L in series and then the player’s W/L record in the postseason. I used to get them mixed up too.

    If I read them correctly, it looks like Glavine’s postseason record was 12-13 entering this season (so 12-15 now), and Maddux was 10-13 in the postseason thru 2001. Of course, the ERAs show they have pitched well nonetheless.

    I gotta say, though, if Glavine’s agent is insistent on conducting a very public negotiation, leaking to the media every damned phone call he has with opposing teams, then I might just get sick of hearing about it and say let him go see how he likes playing with the Yankees’ infield defense behind him.

  2. Mac isn’t the racist and Moore may be one. Grissom has nothing left and it may be that Moore wants him based on his color. Who knows as Moore consistently writes moronic columns. McGriff might make some sense with Laroche needing time to develop in the minors. There is some trepidation with Fred because of his age. I’d rather see the Braves go get Cliff Floyd because a quartet of Sheffied, Chipper, Floyd and Andruw would send a chill down the spines of all opposing pitchers.

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