– MLB – Recap – Braves at Phillies – 09/25/2002

The Braves won 7-1, and the Good Andruw is putting in an appearance. If he can stick around for the next few weeks, we can win this thing. Andruw hit three homers last night, the first time he’s done that in his career. He now has 35 for the season. He tied the game with a solo shot in the second, had another in the fourth, and a two-run job in the eighth. Of course, with Andruw it’s all about the contact. He draws walks, he hit homers, but he’s still only hitting .262. The big thing standing between him and real stardom is that; if he were hitting .300 he’d have an OPS in the .950 range and be an MVP candidate.

The Good Damian also showed up; Moss went 6 2/3, allowing five hits and two walks, one earned run, and striking out five. Who knows with him, anyway? Chris Hammond pitched an inning and lowered his ERA to .96. Wow.

One more game with the Phillies, then on to New York to finish the season. Maybe. The Giants close to clinching the playoffs, but now they’re only two games out for the division and the D-Backs are reeling. I don’t know what they’ll do if SF is a half game back after Sunday. Would you rather play a hot Giants team or a reeling Arizona team without Luis Gonzales — but with Schilling and Johnson — in the first round? With one Braves win, or losses by the Cardinals and Diamondbacks, the Braves will clinch the best record in the NL. The Braves need two wins in four or five games to win 100 on the season.