– MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Marlins at Braves – 09/21/2002

Pretty sorry game I missed. The Braves scored a run in each of the first three innings and Millwood looked strong, though he’d thrown a few too many pitches. And in the sixth he fell apart, giving up five runs. That’s three of the last for games, I believe, he’s hit the wall early, a bothersome sign given his history. Each team scored one more run, leading to a 6-4 Marlins victory.

As JR mentioned in the comments, the Braves started probably their best lineup, Giles at third, Furcal at short, DeRosa at second. But Lockhart later double-switched into the game at third in place of Giles. Argh. At least it wasn’t Vinny; maybe Bobby’s at last losing faith in him.

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Damian Moss’ control finally came back to haunt him. He only walked four, but two of those were in the third, the second with two out. By the time the third out was recorded, five runs had scored and Albie Lopez was in the game. In other words, “We surrender!” My opinion is that when a pitcher, particularly a young pitcher, is walking people, it’s less the walks that are the problem than what will happen when he starts trying to not walk them. In this case, single, single, double, single, five runs. The bullpen was pretty good, giving up only one (unearned, I think) run by Trey Hodges in the sixth.

Unfortunately, the Braves only scored two runs, so the bullpen’s work went unrewarded. Amazing rotating infield update: DeRosa (who homered) played second base, Furcal shortstop, Castilla third, and Giles and Lockhart pinch-hit — actually, Giles hit for Lockhart when a lefty reliever came in.

Day game today on Fox, unfortunately I’m working and won’t get to see it.

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