– MLB – Recap – Phillies at Braves – 09/19/2002

And the day after singlehandedly losing a game for the 1400th time, Bobby Cox was dragged by his players to his 1800th career win. (Note: I am being sarcastic. Two different people at FanHome did not realize that the other day, so I’m just making sure.) The Braves won 6-0 with Tom Glavine pitching like he did early in the season and the offense having one of its good games. Days like this, you think that the Braves have a great shot. That’s usually followed by them playing a 2-1 game and getting three hits against some guy coming in with a 4.79 ERA.

Glavine went only six innings, throwing 74 pitches; he allowed only four hits and one walk, striking out three. Really a superior performance, and no reason to ask him to go any longer at this stage. Chris Hammond pitched a perfect inning to lower his ERA to a perfect 1.00. Actually, it’s a shade lower than that; he’s allowed eight earned in 72.1 IP, which works out to about 0.9954, but they round up. Kevin Gryboski allowed a walk and Mike Remliger two hits in an inning apiece, but the Phillies couldn’t score. I’m still a little worried about Remlinger.

Chipper was the hitting star, with three hits, one a three-run homer. Andruw had three hits as well. Who knows with him, anyway? I’ve reached the stage where I pretty much accept that he’s going to be completely unpredictable. Vinny offers no such problem; he was 0-4. Marcus Giles finally got a shot at second base; he was 0-3 but did draw a walk… The Braves now host the Marlins in a three game series, the last scheduled regular-season series in Turner Field this season. They might still have to play the makeup with the Giants on Monday the 30th. The lead over the Diamondbacks (who could clinch today) is 2 1/2, three in the loss column… The Braves only need four wins with nine or ten games left to play to win 100 games.