– MLB – Recap – Phillies at Braves – 09/18/2002

Bobby really doesn’t trust Jason Marquis. Jason was leading 4-2 in the fourth, two outs, but got in trouble and loaded the bases. Any other pitcher probably would have had a chance to pitch out of it — especially since the game doesn’t much matter — but Bobby brought in Kerry Ligtenberg, who got the next hitter to keep any runs from scoring.

That’s fine. I don’t mind a quick hook. Unfortunately, Kerry came out the next inning and gave up a three-run homer to put the Braves behind 5-4. Final score, 6-5 Phillies, with the game ending with the tying run on second.

Yesterday’s infield alignment was M. Franco/Lockhart/DeRosa/Giles. Today: who knows? Bobby is experimenting. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that some things no longer need experimenting with. Marcus had a hit and a walk, drove one run in and scored another. Lockhart was 0-5. Who’s more likely to be in the lineup tonight when the game starts tonight at 7:35 ET? Who was hitting second in the order? Not the player with actual talent, but the one who is now hitting .211.