– MLB – Recap – Braves at Padres – 08/22/2002

I’m disgusted. First the Braves needed a miracle to just pull off a split at home against the Rockies. Now they’ve lost a series on the road — where they’d won 16 series in a row. Yesterday, the Padres won 9-2, pulling away in the late innings in a game they led from the first. Jason Marquis only made it to the third before getting hit by a line drive and leaving the game, and Andruw Jones hurt his shoulder again. Frankly, the Braves could use a short strike right about now.

Rafael Furcal had four hits, but didn’t score a run. When your leadoff man does that, you’re probably not going to win. Vinny Castilla was 2-4, so I’m going to pick on Javy Lopez instead, who was 0-4 again and right now couldn’t buy a hit. Which is a shame, since he’s paid enough… Albie Lopez actually threw two innings. And he was pretty good, and at one time (when the Braves seemed like they might rally) was actually in position to get a win. I wouldn’t bet on him continuing to pitch well, though.