– MLB – Recap – Braves at Reds – 06/02/2002

Some terrible baserunning (three runners lost in the early innings) and Bobby leaving Damian Moss in too long, and the Braves lost to the Reds 5-1. Fortunately, the Mets lost as well. The Braves are 1 1/2 up on New York, 3 up on Philadelphia, and 3 1/2 up on Montreal. The Braves now host a four game series with the Mets, and hopefully this oppressive heat will take something out of the northerners, whose ace Al Leiter won’t pitch in the series.. Then, it’s interleague play time for five straight series, mostly against AL Central and West teams we haven’t seen before. A trip to the Rangers will be first up.

Albie Lopez is whining about how he never gets to pitch when the game is close and has been ejected from the starting rotation. Well, $4 million buys a lot of diapers.