– MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Cubs at Braves – 07/06/2002

Well, the other way to keep from using your top relievers (the one I didn’t mention) is to get blown out. 7-3 isn’t exactly a blowout, but it’s not the sort of game your relief ace and top setup man have to pitch in. Tom Glavine (who clearly isn’t right, and I assume the blister is to blame) gave up five runs and the Braves were down 5-0 in the fourth.

Gary Sheffield is heating up and homered today, but Andruw Jones was hitless and struck out swinging three times. (He did draw a walk.) I think it’s time to be concerned. About this time last year he entered a profound slump… Chipper Jones was hit by a pitch in the third. He later left the game for Darren Bragg, but I’m guessing it wasn’t any injury but just getting rest in a game that looked a lost cause — he did hit again after the HBP.

One more game with the Cubs, then the All-Star Break. Which I hate; two days with no baseball and one with just an exhibition game. I’ll try to find something to write early next week, but… The Expos won today and are eight and a half back. Everyone else still trails by double digits. The Braves will travel to Montreal when actual baseball resumes.

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