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It’s time for another entry in our continuing series, “How do the Braves continue to win with these guys in the lineup?” Today, we take another look at the bottom of the lineup: Vinny Castilla, Javy Lopez, and Keith Lockhart.

Vinny hasn’t drawn a walk in June, his slugging percentage for the season is now .399, and he’s hitting .245. But hey, that defense!

Javy has supposedly “come around” and he is hitting for more power (three homers, three doubles, .456 slugging percentage in June) but his on-base percentage for the season is .288 (.297 in June) and that’s good only in comparison to Vinny. But hey, he’s throwing out baserunners!

Keith Lockhart… Well, he hit a home run the other day. He’s hitting .185/.250/.347 for the season. Skip Caray says he’s the most valuable .185 hitter in baseball, which I assume doesn’t include pitchers. Jesse Garcia is hitting a robust .225 but with no walks or extra base hits.