– MLB – Recap – Braves at Twins – 06/11/2002

Oh, much better. Braves 11, Twins 0. This means that the Braves have actually outscored the Twins in the Metrodome all-time, 23-19. I don’t think it helps much.

The Braves broke it open in the fifth, scoring seven runs. The highlight was three consecutive homers (Andruw, Vinny Castilla, and Matt Franco). It was the first time the Braves had done that since 1994, long enough ago that the victim was Rick Sutcliffe. The Braves had six extra base hits in the inning, one short of the record.

Tom Glavine, meanwhile, had a typical start, at least for this season; seven innings, two hits, no runs. Albie Lopez is so bad that he was only allowed to pitch one inning (the ninth) with an 11-run lead; Darren Holmes, a real reliever, pitched the eighth. I am taking suggestions for a nickname for him. I’m leaning towards “Albie Duty”, as in any game where the Braves are winning or trailing by more than seven runs is “Albie Duty Time” — the only times he gets to pitch.

One more game in Minnesota, then home to Atlanta to face the Red Sox. The Braves lead is back to five and a half over the Marlins and Mets (both won Monday and lost last night) and six and a half over the Expos. The four other teams in the division are all closer to one another than any are to the Braves.