– MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Reds at Braves – 05/26/2002

The Braves won, but so did the Mets, and New York remains a game up. Still, it was a productive weekend, as the Braves moved into sole possession of second place and to two games above .500, all by winning a series from a first-place team. The sorry lineup scored seven runs (Lockhart with a three-run homer), but I wouldn’t be too happy with that; I don’t think they’re going to do that very often.

The AP story I link here (which may change) shows how oddly high the standards are for Greg Maddux. It says he “struggled through 5 2/3 innings” but that’s not really accurate. He had a shutout going into the sixth, then ran out of gas. That’s [I have no idea what I wrote after this. It’s lost now, some sort of glitch I guess. MT, 6/22/2002]

About The Author – MLB – Recap – MLB – Recap – Reds at Braves – 05/25/2002

The Braves had a shot to move into a first-place tie, but couldn’t hold off the Reds. They had an early lead, 2-0, on a Rafael Furcal homer of all things. But Jason Marquis, who started out perfect through 3 2/3, ran out of gas in the middle innings, and gave up a three-run homer in the fifth that put the Reds up for good. Marquis still doesn’t seem quite right after getting overworked earlier this season. I think the Braves should consider passing him over the next time the schedule permits, and letting him rest his arm.

Today, the Braves have an early 1-0 lead on the Reds, but they have put out one of the worst lineups ever seen. They have the Joneses hitting 4-5, but Lockhart and Bragg are hitting in front of them, and Castilla, Helms, and Blanco behind them. That’s just awful.

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