– MLB – Recap – Dodgers at Braves – 05/07/2002

If you play a 16-inning game, you at least hope to win it. The Braves didn’t. Tom Glavine for the first time this year didn’t pitch well, but he wasn’t bad and the Braves and Dodgers were tied at 4 going to the ninth. Brian Jordan hit his second solo homer to give the Dodgers the lead, but Gary Sheffield answered to tie. And then the game went on and on until Marquis Grissom scored in the 16th, largely due to a Javy Lopez error.

In other words, the Braves were beaten largely by the efforts of two ex-Braves and a man who probably should be an ex-Brave but we’re stuck with through 2003. Javy is hitting .182/.250/.260, and if he doesn’t hit why play him? Henry Blanco is putting up about the same numbers, but at least he plays defense.

Andruw Jones hit his 10th homer in the loss, had another hit and two walks. He’s slugging .531 with a .366 OBP; anyone who thinks he’s a problem because his average is only .262 needs to do the reading.