Braves win as Moss throws seven-inning no-no

Damian has to be wondering if it’s something wrong with him. He goes seven innings, doesn’t give a hit, much less a run… and gets another no-decision, because the Braves didn’t score until the eleventh. Moss has five starts this season and no decisions, despite a 2.61 ERA. The Braves are 4-1 when he pitches, however… After Moss left (he had thrown 117 pitches), Mike Remlinger allowed a hit to the second batter he faced.

Chipper finally got the Braves on the board with a two-run, two-out homer in the eleventh. Tony LaRussa gets an assist, for his moronic choice to pitch to Chipper with first base open. Well, “pitch” is a bit of a mistatement; the pitcher was supposed to pitch around him. But once it got to 3-0, he really should have just issued the intentional walk. The pitch came too far inside and Chipper mashed it.