5/27/98 (again): I write this after the game, about 20 seconds after. Greg Maddux, who is incredible, won his seventh, meaning that the four more-or-less regular starters (since John Smoltz has missed about half the season) all have seven wins, which is kinda weird. Lightenberg saved, in the first save situation since Wohlers came off the DL; I’m not sure if this means anything, or if it’s just because Wohlers pitched the last two games (as an announcer on the SportsSouth broadcast said).

Something I somehow missed before… Javy Lopez signed a three-year contract, avoiding arbitration, and I think one year of free agency. This is great news, because he’s almost as irreplaceable as Chipper or Maddux. All the Braves regulars, I believe, are locked in through the next three years. (That includes starting pitchers.)

5/27/98: I begin writing this during the game, which is tied 0-0 in the seventh. Maddux is being Maddux, but this kid the Expos are pitching has been Maddux too, but more so.

Andruw has been red hot, finally putting together some multi-hit games. He’s still pulling the ball a lot, which probably isn’t the best thing he could be doing, especially since from what I see most of his power is coming to center and to the alleys.

Here’s a link to online All-Star Voting. It’s your patriotic duty! And don’t let people shame you into voting for the guy who had a hot start but has never done anything else. Vote for the guys you want to see play. Me, I still vote for Ozzie Smith every year. Well, not really, but I did write in his name last year. Took it off, though, because Blauser really deserved the vote.