AA has done it again, ladies and gentlemen. Reynaldo Lopez, a coveted relief pitcher at the trade deadline, has signed with the Braves.

Seriously…I have no idea how AA keeps getting these deals: $4MM in 2024, $11MM, in 2025 and 2026, and an $8MM club option for 2027. However, there’s more to this deal as AA wants to alter Reynaldo’s role.

My guess is the team plays it by ear with Reynaldo. They’ll let him give it a go this offseason and see how he fares in spring training as a starter. If he shows the ability to stick in the rotation, he’ll stay there. What’s more is that the Braves are preparing to offset SP injuries and/or lack of quality arms by having a reliever stretch out to multiple innings. There seems to be a movement among the org to steer clear of the carousel of non-competitive starts like we saw from Dylan Dodd, Jared Shuster, Kolby Allard, Michael Soroka, and Yonny Chirinos.

Even if the Braves decide that Reynold will be a reliever only, this is a good deal for a guy that can be plugged in for multiple innings while getting great results.

AA Was in On Nola

We all know by now that the Phillies re-signed Aaron Nola. However, many might not know this tidbit:

First off… I’m glad AA didn’t land Nola. I just don’t have faith in him, especially at a contract that length. However, this goes to show that the Braves are willing to spend and weren’t even at their peak offer when Nola re-signed with Philly.

The future remains bright.