After my withering criticism of the lack of entertainment value in these post-clinch games last week, this week was much better. The Cubs series was somehow one of the most memorable of the season, even if it didn’t mean a whole lot for the local nine, and even this series against the Nationals was completely bonkers, if nothing else.

Take today’s game, which featured lead changes in each of the last three innings. There still wasn’t much to take from it, mind you, but it wasn’t boring.

Most notable, though, was the individual and team records that were set this week. Another was added today, with the Nats ninth-inning comeback allowing the Braves an unlikely opportunity to tie the all-time record for team home runs in a season with 307. The bomb was hit by Marcell Ozuna, whose remarkable comeback since the depths of his April slump ends with a 40-HR, 100-RBI season.

This week also featured Spencer Strider breaking the franchise record for strikeouts in a season and winning his 20th game, Ronald Acuna breaking the modern franchise record for stolen bases in a season and completing an unprecedented 40-HR, 70-SB campaign, Matt Olson setting a franchise record for RBIs in a season…and I’m sure there’s other stuff that I’m missing.

I do think one positive of this weeklong layoff before the Braves play again is to give us a chance to reflect on how amazing this season has been rather than throwing us immediately into the crucible of a playoff series. So soak it in as we prepare for Saturday’s playoff opener. We’ll see you in the playoffs!