Max Fried, 7-1, 2.64 ERA, takes on 6 foot 6 Jake Irvin in the battle for… a win, I guess. The Phillies are 2 games up on the Diamondbacks for the 1st NL Wild Card spot so their games still matter. And while the Braves games don’t matter as much, the best record in the bigs is kinda important and I’m sure Brian Snitker would like to see that come to fruition.

Braves and Phillies Lineup

Travis D’Arnaud gets the start at catcher and struggling Sean Murphy gets a night of rest. When Sean Murphy rocked our world in the first half of the season, it looked as though the Braves had won the trade by a landslide. However, in the 2nd half, things have been less than good and Murphy has carried a .596 OPS since the All Star break. And yes, according to Baseball-Reference, Murphy has still been worth 3.7 WAR, but William Contreras has been worth 3.4 WAR. So, while it’s still a win for the Braves, it’s not a landslide like it looked to be in the first half.

Spencer Strider and the Cy Young

Spencer Strider is in the conversation for the Cy Young, despite the fact that he is carrying a 3.73 ERA. I’ve been battling my own Braves fans as I just can’t find a reason to even have him in the conversation of the CY when his ERA is 1.4 runs per 9 higher than Blake Snell‘s. I get the advanced metrics tell a different story, but to me, it feels like 1.4 runs per 9 is a significant difference despite what advanced metrics say.

What side of the debate are you on?