I’m sure when ESPN booked this game, they expected a game that could very well be a deciding factor to a pennant race. Unfortunately, Pete Alonso singlehandedly destroyed those hopes when he hit a dinger then mocked Bryce Elder from the dugout by yelling “Throw it again”. He’ll never live it down and I’ve been carrying that torch to make sure he never forgets:

Braves Lineup

If the Mets were to actually have an advantage in any of the games this series, it would be this one as Yonny Chirinos faces off against Kodai Senga. Senga has been pretty dominant this year while Yonny’s been more of a domino. In fact, I’d bet good $ that this will be the last time we see Chirinos in a Braves uniform. As we discussed a few days back, Chirinos does have an option, but also has accrued 5 years of service so he can refuse to be optioned. Honestly, that would likely be a bad move for him as he’d also be jeopardizing his MLB salary. My guess is he accepts the assignement should it come.