Last night’s matchup would’ve been AJ Smith-Shawver vs. Aaron Nola, but rain washed out the contest and it will be made up as a split day/night doubleheader on Monday, 9/11. The Braves will be coming off of a home-stand against the Cardinals then the Pirates. The 10th is a Sunday, and the first of the double-header starts at 12:35.

A.S.S. will now start the first game in Cinci and Bryce Elder will face off against Aaron Nola today. Jared Shuster will align to pitch game of the Cinci series and Charlie Morton for game 3. Sean Murphy is still out of the lineup, and tooday marks the 5th day since tweaking his hammy. Peanut provides an update:

Braves All-Star Update

I’ve never really cared about the All-Star game, but Braves fans are really stuffing the ballot box!

Braves Lineup

Dreaming on Ohtani

The Angels will try to do everything they can to get Shohei Ohtani to stick around in L.A. If they cannot come to an agreement before mid-July, it’s a good bet that he gets traded, and I’m sure that the Dodgers will be the first in line to offer their farm for him then immediately try to extend him. That leads me to my questions of the day:

  1. What would it take for the Braves to get Shohei Ohtani at the trade deadline?
  2. What will the contract be when Shohei signs with a new team?
  3. What team lands him?