Braves vs.Red Sox Series Finale will be an interesting one as it will be a bullpen game for the Braves and the first out of the chute is Dylan Lee. The Red Sox will counter with Brayan Bello, dangerously close to Brian Fellows who is one of my favorite SNL characters in history. Bello has given up 5 HRs in 23.1 innings, which is about 2 per game and I’m sure the Braves will be seeing if they can make those numbers look worse for him.

It should be an all hands on deck day for the bullpen. I’m guessing they’ll try to get 2 innings out of each arm and finish with Raisel Iglesias.

Braves vs. Red Sox Lineups

It’s a great day as Travis D’Arnaud and Sean Murphy are both in the lineup.

In case you missed it, the carousel is about to start swirling and here are some candidates for the ride.