The Augusta Greenjackets are thriving…at losing games (I see a trend here). They are 7-13 on the season and, while boukou talent here (speaking of “boukou”, this is a KILLER New Orleans band. Check them out, you’ll not be disappointed), but this team, like all Low-A teams, are young and just haven’t put it together yet. Today’s piece will focus on the players that have performed well from April 14th-April 30th. Unfortunately, there’s not one single offensive player that fits that description so our focus will be the heat slingers. In the low minors, it’s important that age is factored in when discussing results. Players directly out of high school that are pushing across numbers equivalent to 22 y/o at the same level should not be treated equally.

Augusta Greenjackets Top Performers: Pitchers

Bautista is striking out a ton of hitters, but is also giving up a lot of contact and walks. He looks to be transitioning to the bullpen and that’s likely the right move as he can worry less about pitch development and just sling 2 pitches in short spurts.

De Grandpre is putting up some strong numbers right now and likely will be first in line for a promotion considering his age. Outside of summer league, this is his first real stretch of success, and when looking at his last year’s results, the Braves developmental team must have seen something to keep him.

Harper was drafted in the 14th round of the 2022 draft and didn’t find immediate success in pro ball, but is putting up a 14K/BB rate in the early goings and that should put him with Grandpre as one of the first to get promoted to the next level as he’s already 22.

Keller was last year’s 6th round pick and was hitting 95 when he was drafted. My guess is his gun readings are higher now. He’s appeared in 3 games, started 1, and is catching the same kind of attention that Owen Murphy and J.R. Ritchie are receiving. It’s up in the air where the Braves org sees him, but if their pattern stays true, he’ll likely start, build arm strength, then the org will decide his role later.

Lara was a big international signeee and came with an equally big arm that still has control issues. Early on, the BB-rate is dropping but really only had one place to go. He’ll have to harness his walks before he gets to move up the ladder.

Murphy is living up to the 1st round hype, but is still only 19 years old. If he keeps producing, he’ll likely land in Rome in the latter part of the 2023 season and continue that pattern though the org with eyes on the prize in late 2025 or early 2026.

Thanks for reading on our Augusta Greenjackets. Here are the others if you missed the previous AAA, AA, or High-A updates.

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