Bryce Elder takes on Kris Bubic in today’s afternoon matchup. Bubic relies on a threesome of off speed pitches to get hitters out and Elder does the same. Even their % of FB thrown match up pretty well. In 12.1 innings, Elder has yet to give up a run. Admittedly, I’ve been harsh on Elder. I’ve never really understood how he gets hitters out, but looking at Fangraphs, I notice they’re grading his slider and cutter above average and I’ll gladly eat that full serving of crow if he can keep that up and stay in the rotation.

Braves Lineup

While I understand that Bubic is a LHP, it still hurts to see Sam Hilliard on the bench, but glad to see Eli White get another opportunity to show something.

And just for fun…

12 and 4 sure has a nice ring to it. Get it, boys.