There was no comeback magic in the air last night as the Braves were taken down by the Padres 5-4. Xander Bogaerts and a half swing was the deciding factor because of course it was. Tonight, weather permitting, the Braves will reveal what I think is the best looking City Connect Uniforms to date, which feature a hat tip to the great Hank Aaron. I know that makes TFloyd happy. Both Michael Wacha and Charlie Morton are 1-0 on the season, albeit, likely undeserving as Wacha is carrying a 6.00 ERA and Morton, a 5.06. Sam Hilliard gets another start in CF after going 2-4 last night, and Ozzie Albies gets the boot out of cleanup for Travis D’Arnaud. Somehow, Marcell Ozuna is still a thing and gets the start at DH.

Here’s that feature:

And the lineup…

And, of course, “Transaction Everyday AA” never fails to come through:

Seth Elledge and Danny Young are the same person, it’s just one has options and the other does not. It’s no surprise that Jared Shuster‘s headed back to Gwinnett as Kyle Wright will likely take his rotation spot the next go around.

Hope the weather holds tonight. I need some baseball tonight!