We all should have seen it coming. We have certainly seen the story enough times: A journeyman who had been almost exactly league average for his undistinguished career (12.9 fWAR in 7 seasons) has a great run, caps it with an amazing postseason, signs a decent contract (2 yrs/$18M) and then suffers a retinal detachment (maybe. There is some disagreement on the internet about this or whether something else caused the eye swelling).

The result was vintage Nick Esasky. 3 for 44 before surgery and then a less than stellar comeback made for a 61 wRC+ and -1.1 WAR. Apparently being able to see the ball also helps out in the pasture as Eddie put up a -20/150 fielding performance as well. Fortunately he was able to put it all behind him and put up a 587 OPS in the postseason. This was just not Eddie’s year.

The good news is that he is supposed to be back seeing the ball by spring. Projection systems are not kind though – the 2 I have seen both forecast an 88 OPS+ for 2023 which is essentially unplayable. I believe they are underestimating him because they both take recency bias into account and penalize him for the missed time. Of course, even an optimist like me has to admit that about a 110-115 OPS+ is the limit we can expect from Eddie next season. The team will likely give him a long rope in spring and April but not much beyond that. Get well my friend.