In lackluster fashion, our Braves were taken down by the team that resembles the 2021 Braves who just so happens to be a division rival. Like the Braves of 2021, the Phillies started awfully, finishing May with a record of 21-29. Unlike the Braves, the Phillies had a strong June, going 19-8 and stayed above .500 from June 15th on. For the Braves of 2021, that date was much later, coming on August 8th.

The Braves of 2021 and the Phillies of 2022 have similar stories. Neither won a ton of games in the regular season. Neither were considered to be real postseason threats by the experts, but both teams picked up players that paid HUGE dividends in the regular and post-season.

  1. Noah Syndergaard threw 54.2 innings of 4.12 ERA ball, solidifying their back-end of the rotation and thus far has thrown 4 innings of 2.25 ERA ball in the post-season.
  2. Brandon Marsh carried a .773 OPS in regular season after being acquired by the Phillies and has been the anchor for a defense that has an oak tree playing regularly in left field. He’s also carrying a 1.092 OPS in the 2022 post-season.
  3. The Phillies have been known to have terrible bullpens and they worked hard to improve that area at the deadline, picking up closer David Robertson. In 22 regular season games, Robertson put up a 2.70 ERA and collected 6 saves. Thus far, Robertson has only pitched 1 inning in the post-season, but it was flawless.
  4. No one expected this trade to be such a banger, but acquiring Edmundo Sosa from the Cardinals paid HUGE dividends for the Phillies. In 59 PAs, Sosa’s slash-line was .315/.345/.593. Unlike the above 3, Sosa hasn’t made much of an impact in the postseason yet.

This feels weird to say, but since the Phillies took the team I root for to school in the NLCS and their season mirrors the 2021 Braves, they’re my choice to win the World Series. Over the years, I’ve come to actually enjoy Bryce Harper as a player and he’s always been a dude that does a lot for his community. I also can’t deny that making Mets fans more miserable by having 2 back-to-back World Series winners coming from the NL East and neither being them would be just peachy.

Who are you all pulling for to win it all? Let’s hear your choice and why in the comments.