As time goes on, we either learn stuff or get kicked in the ass. Sometimes we learn AND get kicked in the ass, but by learning, at least we lower the probabilities. My suspicion that such was the day for “The Strider of the Giants Causeway.”

Again, for most of this one, my only connection was ESPN Gamecast. A little came from the radio network (late). So without an eye on this, I am projecting or extrapolating. But I believe the Unathletics saw little hope against Strider and came in with a “bat lag, foul him off, and get some walks strategy.” To now, that monster heater, even as frequently as it is used, even against much better lineups, gets lots more swing and miss in the zone than what Gamecast showed. Well, the 2 early walks both scored on a double. After that, the monster awoke. One more walk that inning. No more walks. 36 pitches that inning. 70 more in the next 5 innings. The monster still needs a little better and more frequently used change up and still needs a little work on the slider for exactly these reasons. But, nevertheless he remains a monster. After one strikeout finished the first, there were 8 more.

The offense appeared to be in Hibernation Mode until inning 5. Then little d got hit by a pitch and soon a ball was “Vaughn Gone.” So, that evened it up. Then, Dansby launched one in the 6th to take the lead. Then 5 straight 1 out hits and it was 7 to 2. The “Merely wounding star” gave up a solo homer, but he is coming around. I think Deathstar will be fully operational when the calendar flips to October.

So, a day off in the Pacific Northwest. Then Mariners for 3.

Meanwhile, the Mets caused the Pirates to play like the Pirates and swept their doubleheader. So, this morning, Braves are a half game out. But yesterday morning, I saw where a prediction site had us favored at 57% to take the division. That tomahawk must be looking awfully big right now.