I went to an Auburn football game back in 2020 and it was ELECTRIC! The music and energy pulsed the entire game and the jumbo had synced videos of players when said player made plays. It got me thinking about what baseball could be.

When I go to Truist, the energy outside feels like that, before and after the game. The music is blaring, the drummers drumming, the street dancers flat gettin’ it, and the DJs spinning. Entering the stadium, still feels a little like that vibe, but in-game, it all disappears and we’re left with middle-aged white men music blasting in-between innings while we as the regulars are left pondering why the game isn’t growing.

Sure, the players create their own energy with highlights of their own, but that excitement that’s pumped into the Battery doesn’t make it inside the stadium. Atlanta has an amazing history of talented artists that aren’t on CMT, & if we truly want to reach the next generation then we (yes, this includes me), have to adapt. That Auburn game was like one big party and it was GLORIOUS! Change the game by changing the experience. It might be uncomfortable at first, but holy sh*t, the game would benefit greatly.

The Braves have been doing the same dog and pony show inside the gates for years and it doesn’t match up to what they provide before and after the games in the Battery. For me, it’s time to adapt and grow the game and Atlanta should be the team to step out and show what baseball could be for the younger generation.