The Braves are about to score the 100,000th run in franchise history, becoming the second MLB franchise to do (following the Cubs who got there in July 2019).

Entering the 2021 season, the Braves had scored 99,305 (FanGraphs) or 99,322 (Baseball Reference) runs since 1871, leaving either 695 or 678 runs to reach 100,000.

Through the Labor Day off-day, the Braves have scored 663 runs this season, meaning they’re just 15 runs from 100,000 over at Baseball Reference.

If only it were that simple.

The four runs the Braves scored in their second July 21st game against the Padres before it was suspended are already included in the running total at FanGraphs, so according to them the Braves have scored 667 runs this season. So instead of being 17 runs behind the Baseball Reference total, the FanGraphs total is currently only 13 runs behind, and the Braves are only 28 runs from reaching 100,000 at FanGraphs.

To complicate this further: If the suspended game is completed, those four runs will be assigned to July 21st in the record books, which means the Braves are only 11 runs short of 100,000 over at Baseball Reference. If the Braves score more runs when that game resumes, those runs will also go back to July 21st, meaning the Braves are even closer to 100,000, and we don’t yet know by how much! And, if the game isn’t resumed at all, it disappears and those four runs disappear! (Or do they?)

It gets better.

I emphasize franchise history, which includes seasons the Braves played from 1871 to 1875 in the National Association, since that’s part of Braves franchise history. But “MLB history” typically refers to official records according to MLB, which begins with the National League’s first season in 1876. (For this and other reasons, Baseball Reference separates the Boston Red Stockings first five years from the rest of Braves history, so they won’t acknowledge 100,000 runs there for a few more years.)

Also, you’ve already noticed the discrepancy between Baseball Reference and FanGraphs numbers above. Before 1950, FanGraphs has the Braves scoring 17 fewer runs than Baseball Reference does (for the Cubs, the FanGraphs total is larger by 40). In years where there are discrepancies, MLB uses the FanGraphs number most of the time, but not every time. (I’ll save the research and details for another day, but I am currently persuaded that Baseball Reference is more up-to-date with corrections, while MLB and FanGraphs are not. Please correct me if I am wrong!)

If you’re still reading, then you have the same love for big round numbers as milestones that I have, or you’re just interested enough to know when it will likely happen, so let’s get right to it.

With the Nationals coming to down, the Braves will reach 100,000 after their next:

  • 11 runs (Baseball Reference, including suspended game runs)
  • 15 runs (Baseball Reference, default)
  • 28 runs (FanGraphs, default)
  • 32 runs (FanGraphs, if suspended game is cancelled/removed)
  • Fewer than 11 runs if the Braves score additional runs in the suspended game!

The truth is we may never know which run is the actual 100,000th run scored in Braves history, but I’ll be highlighting all the potentials on Twitter, and circling back when/if the suspended game is resumed to identify any changes.

Stay tuned!


After scoring 8 runs Tuesday night and 2 runs Wednesday night, the next Braves run that scores will be the 100,000th run scored in Braves franchise history. In my opinion, this first iteration of the many I described above is the most reliable, so this is the one I will celebrate most as the official 100,000th run.