Got on board a westbound 747 (not anymore, Delta charter of some type),

Didn’t think before deciding what to do (this one goes out to Snitker on why he pitched Touki one inning Sunday and started Smyly last night. Really!!!)

All that talk of opportunity (well, when you get your ass kicked, that isn’t a very good use of opportunity) TV breaks (we need a break from Chip), and movies (will “Braves 2021” end up a great finish or a crappy one).

It rang true, sure rang true.

It seems it never rains in Southern California. Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before. It never rains in California, but girl, don’t they warn you? IT POURS, MAN IT POURS.

In June 1991 my wife and I were in Ventura spending the night at a 20 story on beach hotel. At about 8:30 the next morning, I was awakened by something like someone pushing the foot of the bed with a hard shove. I said ‘Earthquake!.” My wife said “It’s not.” Went to the bathroom and turned on the TV on the way by. By the time I was coming out the commentator said “This just in to our Los Angeles newsroom, there has been a major earthquake in the Los Angeles area.” The next day’s LA Times Ventura County supplement led with the second story (bottom of page 1 of county section) that it had been the first day with measurable rainfall in June (.1 of an inch) in about 17 years. Any place where earthquakes are more common than rain is not for me.

For a LONG long time, Dodger stadium was usually a “home run suppressor.” This seemed to be very associated with how quickly it cools off in the evening. Well, after years of the Dodger org developing strong fly ball hitters, there are a lot more home runs there than formerly.

So we are kind of “frowny” this morning because Drew Smyly gave up 4 home runs in 4 and 2 / 3rds innings (and why can’t the standard be set at first third is .3, second one is .7 and then back to even numbers. Is it that hard to maintain decimal discipline?). 4 of those solo shots. Then, we made a good comeback, with 3 solo shots also. But Snit, if you use Smyly and he gets bombed, why do you use Luke Jackson? I would also say the same thing about Martin, but lately he hasn’t been on top of his game, so maybe that made sense. And, the offense absolutely didn’t “hibernate.” They came back again and again. But it “poured 7 home runs in one game.

Braves need to win a few on this road trip to solidify the division. They have a lot of fight. They now seem to be rounding into form on talent. Just a little better thought process on who stays on the roster and who pitches when would help a lot.