“We are who we thought we were.” Or, from Bill Parcells: “We are what our reord says we are.”

On most of the Braves journey from the end of around 2003 (maybe actually not fully realized until the 2005 postseason) until the mid season of 2018, the theme seemed to be that at least one component of the team would perform badly enough to offset the good. Then, until this year, it seemed that if there was a failing, something else or someone else would bail them out. At this point in the season, I have become convinced that we are what our record says that we are.

I still live where getting th4 Braves live feed is very difficult. I don’t see how it helps Sinclair to have fewer viewers, particularly when they are trying to monetize sports betting. So, I did not view this debacle. I saw it as a 1 to 0 game in the Braves favor that became 6 to 1 Pirates the next time I checked scores on my phone. So, I rechecked to see what pitcher had blown up, and it was Maximus Friedimus Decimatus. That pinch hit was awfully costly, apparently.

But “Gasoline Bucket” Tomlin put 5 more on the board. It is past time for him to go and one of the young pitchers start working more at Major League level.

Something is rotten at Truist Park. These Pirates are HORRIBLE. THIS WAS TIME FOR A SWEEP.

AA, pick somebody and fire him or her or release him or DFA him.

As Don Meredith used to say (and sing) “Turn off the lights, the party’s over now.”