Deflection to an old nearly worn out theme, but a different aspect. Whenever the Braves sign a contract or take someone in trade as to which 10 million or more is owed, they need to do a MASSIVE PI investigation. Like $100,000 or more.

Not a great game, but a “W” is a “W.” Maybe that is the wrapup in a line. Charlie Morton started off o.k. He got through 3 with no gNats scoring.

Meanwhile, bottom of 1 was an old school rally. Hits and walks with no inning ending double plays until finally there were 3 in. 3 to 0 after 1 means a high probability the home team wins. And, we wanted the home team to win, so that was good.

Then top of 2, no runs for gNats. Ronald Acuna, Jr. added another with a far hit ball within 45 degrees of the angle from whence it was pitched.

The gNats got 3 in the top of the 4th. Morton pitched through 5 and then the pen executed and the Braves added one in the 6th and that is where it ended.

In contemplating the 2021 Braves we all search for someone to answer the greatest mystery of life: What is going on and will they get better. We are mostly thereafter posed with supposed answers much like those from the famous marsupial of the road.

“I met a possum on the road and asked where he was gwine.

He put his tail upon his back and showed me his behind.”