I always enjoy beating the Red Sox. Partly because their fan base is insufferable, and partly because it feels like the rightful prerogative of primogeniture. We were there first, dammit! Tonight’s game was extra sweet because three of the Braves’ eight hits came off the bat of Pablo Sandoval, who signed a $95 million free agent contract with Boston in 2014, a major contributor to the firing of Ben Cherington, the current GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates we just shellacked. Theo Epstein he ain’t.

Anyway, as of this moment, the Braves are back at .500, for just the fourth time all year: Saturday, April 10; Wednesday, April 28; Sunday, May 9; Tuesday, May 25. Tomorrow, our brave heroes will go for a shot at being a game over .500 for the first time all year.

I’ll be honest: I watched the last two outs of this particular 3-1 victory, so I have very little insight to offer. Marcell got hurt and Ozzie and Austin went ohfer, but Charlie Morton and Will Smith both looked terrific. In his last two starts, Morton has gone 13 innings, allowing a grand total of five hits and two runs (one “earned”) with 17 strikeouts and two walks.

Whereas, in the two starts before that, he went a total of 5 1/3 innings, allowing 11 hits and nine runs (three “earned”), and five strikeouts against four walks. I’d call that progress! But you’d be forgiven if you wanted to see a bit more consistency before placing your full trust in the wily 37-year-old.

So, here’s a stand-up show about a fictional academic lecture about the Bugs Bunny-Daffy Duck Hunting Trilogy by one of England’s greatest comedy monologists, Ben Moor.