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Thank you to all that have made Braves Journal your baseball home. Over the past few decades, we have lost loved ones, gained some, and have endured BJ Upton, Hector Olivera, and Keith Lockhart. We’ve deserved these past 3 years of great baseball, and hopefully this team is geared up for a run that will continue into the 2020’s.

Braves Journal Writers Give Thanks

Jonathan F

As fond as I am of the vindictive and sarcastic, I will, for this day only, play it straight: I’m thankful for three straight division titles, none predicted by the ‘experts,’ increased success with each one, that the players that are fun to watch, and my Hammers shirt (editor’s note: Got your’s yet? Why not?)

Matt Pocza

I’m thankful that the Braves have already spent $26M on two starters and there’s more moves on the horizon. Future success and enjoyment watching Braves games. 

Drake Dodd

I’m thankful for legitimate title contention for the foreseeable future and opportunity to see Albies/Acuña play for the next decade 


I’m thankful for Mike Soroka

Alex R

I’m grateful we had baseball this year. As messy as it occasionally was, it was a profound gift, a vision of a brighter future and a return to normalcy. I’m grateful we have Ronald and Varsity and Ozzie and M-m-m-m-mike Soroka! And I’m grateful that I can keep coming back to Braves Journal every day and be with my friends. 

Alan Cole

I’m thankful Mike Soroka’s Achilles appears to be on the mend. He looks like he should be ready to go early next season after a really long recovery. Oh, and also I’m thankful Cristian Pache will keep me from having to watch Ender Inciarte roll out to 2nd base so much next year!

Ryan C

I’m thankful for an online baseball community that shows love and respect toward each other even when disagreeing. I love the inside jokes of Braves Journal, the brilliance of the writing crew, and everyone that contributes to make this a place for all Braves fans. But most of all, I’m thankful for Mac Thomason and his gift to us all….a place to call our baseball home.