Hey crew! I’ve shipped about a dozen Hammers shirts out and will be shipping out more this week. I wasn’t able to get to the UPS store yesterday, therefore the promised Saturday shipment will now be Monday. If you’re interested in a Hammers tee, get in on the next shipment by emailing me at cothrjr at gmail dot com.

The Atlanta Hammers shirts are available and the shirt itself is remarkably comfortable. Unlike our original shirt, the print on the front isn’t bulky and/or noticeable while wearing. I put a large on, I felt it fit perfectly, but these are more fitted shirts so upsize if you like a little loose.

I have the following quantities and they are $25 out the door.

  • 3 XXL
  • 4 Medium
  • 8 Large
  • 10 XL

First come, first serve! If you’re a $5 or more Patreon subscriber and you have not received your shirt, hit me up via email at cothrjr at gmail dot com and I’ll get you on the list!

A Useless, but Fun Exercise: The $20MM Challenge

MLBTR put out my favorite piece of the year, their 2020-21 Top 50 MLB Free Agent Predictions. Our first challenge was to fill the 2021 Braves team out with only $10 MM to spend. It was tough. Here were some examples of the $10MM Challenge:

For this exercise, the players that did not make it on the top 50 can be assumed that they’ll make less than #50 on the list(the “just missed” guys at the bottom we will assume they go for $3MM).

For your shopping pleasure, here is the entire list of 2020-21 MLB Free Agents for players not listed.