Saturday and Sunday Thread: The Atlanta Hammers, and a Fun Exercise

They are in and they are beautiful. The Atlanta Hammers shirts are available and the shirt itself is remarkably comfortable. Unlike our original shirt, the print on the front isn’t bulky and/or noticeable while wearing. I put a large on, I felt it fit perfectly, but these are more fitted shirts so upsize if you like a little loose.

I have the following quantities and they are $25 out the door:

  • 6 XXL (one already claimed)
  • 6 Medium
  • 12 Large
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A Useless, but Fun Exercise: The $10MM Challenge

MLBTR put out my favorite piece of the year, their 2020-21 Top 50 MLB Free Agent Predictions. Our first challenge will be to fill the 2021 Braves team out with only $10 MM to spend. For this exercise, the players that did not make it on the top 50 can be assumed that they’ll make less than #50 on the list(the “just missed” guys at the bottom we will assume they go for $3MM).

For your shopping pleasure, here is the entire list of 2020-21 MLB Free Agents for players not listed.

We will have some fun today and the next 2 Saturdays with these types of threads. Next Saturday, we will increase the budget to $20MM and the following to $30MM.

Happy Shopping and GO HAMMERS!

Author: Ryan Cothran

Ryan is the site editor and manager of Braves Journal. Follow him on Twitter.

33 thoughts on “Saturday and Sunday Thread: The Atlanta Hammers, and a Fun Exercise”

  1. Wow. With only $10 million to spend, that makes it tough. However, for the purposes of this exercise I’ll go with $6 million to Minor and $4 million to Melancon (or alternately all $10 mil to Kluber if he would accept.) The rest of the roster gets filled in from internal options. Not optimal, to be sure. That said, we may be in a better position than many teams as it appears we have fewer holes to fill.

  2. Hey crew. I’ve come to a decision that our weekend pieces will stay up for the entire weekend. On Saturdays and Sundays we will have a vague sort of piece then we’ll go back to regular content on Monday. I hope this satisfies the crown that would like for threads to stay up a little bit longer.

  3. Ok…I’ll try to get my creative juices flowing.
    $10MM to spend.

    Yasiel Puig, 1/3MM
    Adam Wainwright, 1/6MM
    Brad Miller, 1/1 MM

    Puig fills DH/OF void.
    Miller fills need for LHH Utility man that can give Austin Riley a rest
    Wainwright’s return home to tutor Soroka, Fried, Ian, and company

    Contreras becomes d’Arnaud’s catching partner.

  4. I would go with

    Charlie Morton 1/8
    Tyler Flowers 1/2

    I wouldn’t be super happy if this is all they did, but bringing in Morton would be a good move.

  5. Good game, Rob. Shut up.

    Okay, I’m not really 100. Close maybe. I am watching for the first time in my mortal existence a Talking Heads whatever it is. Whatever it is, this David Byrne person did this one in 2020. Utopia.
    Whatever it is, I like it.

    Don’t judge me.

    Go ahead and gloat, Rob.

  6. Charlie Culberson: 10 years, $1 million/yr. Why not? You’d have your supersub position covered for the next 10 years. And he never gets to hit often enough to figure out whether his skills are atrophied or not.

  7. Strong dislike. I’ve come around to the DH being inevitable. But no way on expanded playoffs. The regular season needs to mean something. This isn’t the NBA or NHL.

  8. Ugh. Really don’t like expanded playoffs, because it makes the second half of the regular season pretty meaningless for several good teams. I guess the idea is to make the Mets and other big-market teams relevant pretty much every year, as with big budgets they’re almost always at least mediocre, and thus in contention. Resigned to the DH, as it seems inevitable and pitchers are such bad hitters these days.

  9. @11 nah, you’re overthinking it. More postseason games mean more guaranteed tv money, regardless of how many fans can attend games.

  10. I’m not a fan of expanded playoffs for reasons already stated by others above. And it pretty much killed the trade deadline this year with so many teams still thinking they had a shot.

    I still don’t like the DH, but I’ve come around to acceptance of it.

  11. While I don’t like it, Rob, the better team won yesterday. I cannot wrap my head around what Georgia is doing at QB. It’s inexplicable.

  12. I’m not really trying to trash talk, but dang, Georgia has a 19 blue chip advantage on Florida: 67 to 48. They have almost an entire two-deep of blue chips more than Florida. So yeah, Pickens is out and the DLs were out, and that sucks, but come on, there should be guys behind them. And usually when a defense has a couple blown assignments like Florida did on the first play, it doesn’t result in a 75-yard score, and Georgia got one. They also got a pick 6, something you can almost never bank on. We darn near handed them 14 of their first 21 points.

    I don’t know how Kirby can’t keep elite QBs in the room, and it’s starting to really cost him. They have enough talent on paper to boatrace Florida, and… it really wasn’t a game. But Daniels at some point will be healthy, and he’s the QB of the future, and rightfully so. If this game happens a month from now and Daniels is healthy, it’s a much different ballgame. I’ll take the win any way we can get it in this rivalry.

  13. @17: I’d heard of Talking Heads, but until this listen never knew anything about them. I have old man tastes, but I was impressed.

  14. @16 – I know you’re not, Rob. A win is a win, and one should enjoy it (trust me…I’ve posted plenty of sad football fans on FB over the years after a Dawg win.) There were a lot of injuries for GA (most especially LeCounte), but the difference was a solid FLA offense and a sad GA offense. Next man up works until it doesn’t, but the QB issue remains. I’m sorry, but Stetson Bennett is not a championship QB. Mathis, Daniels, Beck…for some reason, Kirby has decided to go with a back up (at best.) And as the future goes, it’s possibly Vandagriff. I’d be curious what ububba thinks about all this.

  15. Gee MLB, you’re driving a really hard bargain in offering me something I’m not particularly excited about (though had basically resigned myself to) in return for agreeing to something I don’t want at all! I’ll have to think about that one for a minute, clearly.

  16. List of puzzling moves by Kirby and his QB room this year:

    1) Letting Jamie Newman get filled up with PFF hype to the point where he thinks he’s better off NOT playing to protect his draft stock. How did he get that in his head… and how did it stay there?
    2) Not just giving the job to D’Wan Mathis, pass or fail.
    3) Pulling Mathis, putting in Bennett, clearly watching Bennett fail for multiple games, and never going back to Mathis until the rout is on in Jacksonville. Like, if you were going to go with Mathis, now’s not the time.

    I get running a program with a “no one player is bigger than the team” mindset, but that goes out the window with QBs. McElwain pulled that crap with Will Grier, telling him he’s gonna have to compete for the job when he gets back (compete with Treon Harris? Really?), and that cost McElwain his job.

    What’s done is done, so I’d probably just continue with Bennett until Daniels is ready, and then let Daniels have it until Vandagriff earns it. That’s probably the easiest and quickest route to settling the position. There is something to be said about all of these contrasting styles of QBs that Kirby keeps recruiting too. Dude, pick an offense and stick with it. Or don’t, since, ya know, I’m a Gator fan.

  17. @9 I know people will think I’m even more stupid than they already do, but I like the DH, and I hate the Wild Card game, so I’d do that deal.

    Like, guys, the Wild Card game sucks. And we were the first team to learn that. One day, that Wild Card game is going to break our hearts again. At least get a three-game set.

  18. @25 -:I don’t disagree with you. I would rather have expanded playoffs than an idiotic one game playoff . There is no good thing that can come from a one game playoff. I also liked the lack of off days. I see no reason for a starting pitcher to ever be considered to pitch in 3 playoff games.

  19. I don’t mind the DH. I hated the expanded playoffs, especially with 8 teams. I could come up with plenty of different ideas than what they did.

    If it has to be 8 teams, the 3 division winners get to pick their opponents in order.
    7 teams, 1st seed gets a bye
    6 teams, 1st and 2nd seeds get a bye
    5 teams, increase WC series to 3 games.

    I am really really against letting more than 50% of a league make the postseason. It makes the regular season worthless. Letting 8 teams into the postseason is an absolute slap in the face to the fans that keep up with their team over a 162 game season.

  20. We may have been lulled to sleep a little bit this year. I honestly think the two best NL teams and AL teams made it to the Championship Series and the best team won the World Series. I will have to agree that with eight teams, the chances of that continuing to happen are rare. Still, with all that, I think it’s better than the stupid one game playoff!

  21. Stop! Hammer Time!
    Replace the “Brave” cheer with the the break down section of ‘U Can’t Touch This!’ and we’re good to go!
    Maybe the players could wear those fly hip hop parachute pants as part of their warm up uniform?

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