Arlo Guthrie must have been proud. Boxcar Wino is showing some pretty good stuff this early in the year. 6 IP (his career high), 10 K’s (his career high), 1 BB, 3 hits, .67 WHIP, I run (earned, a home run). For some reason, if you see that, you think it is likely that our Braves triumped.

Then you add an event which I have never seen. (Actually I didn’t see it this time because I haven’t rigged a system for me to be able to see games with the screwball fight between “Bally Sports South” and the people that want to watch these games). In the third inning, Acuna smokes (thanks, Chip) a ball into the right field corner. He burns his way to 3rd. Albies hits what should go in the books as an IFFB, but when the 2B catches it he is drifting away from the infield about 30 feet on the grass, and El Abusador decides to abuse the basepaths with Flash level speed again and he scores on a SACRIFICE FLY TO SECOND BASE.

Since most of you are at least fair with math, you can take the 1 run over 6 innings and look at the score and go “hmmm? I guess the bullpen gave up 4 in 3 innings. Not quite, it was just 2 in three innings, which sent it to another one of Rob Manfred’s infantile extra inning games. WHY can they not wait until maybe inning 12 to start the Little League rules? THEN, the pen gave up 2 more. No reply in bottom of 10.

Marlins delenda est.