Division Series Game 3, Fish vs. Braves

Our Braves go for the sweep against the Marlins and Wright faces off against Sixto Sanchez. I’m sticking with my podcast prediction…Braves in 3.

A Tyler Matzek Appreciation Piece

Tyler Matzek has been one of the Braves best relievers all year (and I’ve been a believer from the beginning). However on September 8th, something changed with Matzek…he developed a new pitch. Apparently with the help of future Braves pitching coach Josh Tomlin, Matzek introduced a brand new cutter and from that moment on, he’s been bloody brilliant. How bloody brilliant?

14.2 IP, 0.68 ERA, 25! K, 4 BB

That’ll do. I wonder if he’ll get a chance to go back to starting in 2021? Doubtful, but wouldn’t surprise me.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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137 thoughts on “Division Series Game 3, Fish vs. Braves”

  1. Let’s get this done today. Next round doesn’t start until Monday so finish it off and rest up the guys.

  2. 5 pitches? Seriously guys? Ever heard of working a count? Good thing the Braves pitching has been great because our top 3 have been pretty meek.

  3. Boy, what a crappy at-bat. Guess the book on him is he can’t hit high fastballs.

  4. Really dreadful AB by Duvall there. If he had just refused to swing I’m not sure Sixto could have thrown him 3 strikes.

  5. UGH

    What a terrible play by d’Arnaud. He doesn’t make too many boneheaded plays but that was egregious.

  6. If the braves somehow lose this series, this half inning was the cause.

    Neck hit it 104mph
    Riley hit it 105 mph

    Sounds about right

  7. That was a ridiculous display by D’arnuad and the the 3B coach, little league nonsense not scoring on that play

  8. Riley hit it pretty well and so did Neck. Duvall’s terrible at-bat and d’Arnaud’s terrible baserunning are what make it hard to live down. Wright’s going to have to bear down.

  9. The tv guys were excusing Travis on that play on the ground that he might not have scored if the ball fell in front of Dickerson and he had been standing on third. But it was a force play. Of course should have been ready to tag.

  10. Not sure why, but that catch reminded me of Julian Edelman in the superbowl. The ball was destined to hit the ground but never did.

  11. It will be nice to win this series (of which I am confident) but if we still can’t get a guy in with the bases loaded and no outs, we’re not long for these playoffs after this.

  12. @30 that BB was a result of the umpire messing up. But yeah here comes the whole “momentum” thing for miami.

    @32 have to disagree with you there, sanchez was always just outside the zone, so he wasn’t squeezed. He just didnt get any generous calls.

    WTF, broadcast ” bouncing ball to Acuna at second” lol.

    Nicely done, getting out of it; top 3 inthe order, wake up!

  13. Okay, now that’s what I wanted to see out of Wright. That breaking-ball sequence out of Wright to close out the inning was filthy. Gives up a walk, then induces two weak groundballs and makes a guy look silly for a strikeout.

  14. Late to the party on it, but what the everloving hell was d’Arnaud doing on that diving catch? Not that only getting 1 run from that inning would’ve been good enough, but it would’ve at least been something.

  15. @37, yup, exactly. Attack the damned hitters. Once these guys get over that fear it all changes.

  16. This should be “call stands.” Very similar to another play involving Ozzie in the wild card series.

  17. That real close up angle is safe.

    Nice, screw you, Donny

    Edit: Haha, Freddie was awake regarding balls and strikes after yesterdays debacle.

  18. This umpire dropped the count and Freddie noticed.

    This ump ain’t impressing me much.

  19. Mattingly quite rightly questioned what Wegner was reviewing. What is Wegner’s justification for reviewing his own unreviewable call?

  20. @51

    He literally couldn’t remember whether he’d called it a ball or a strike. Not sure what you do with that.

  21. Now with the lead. And I doubt this will stick, but that shot of Wright in the dugout made me think of the Dread Pirate Robert. A darker haired version of Carey Elwes?

    Added: And the Duck does it again!!!

  22. Has anyone else wondered why Miami hasn’t used Alfaro more? Is a bad defensive catcher or game called?

  23. @62 duvall has been struggling since mid september when he tied that HR in a month record.
    Nothing but an occasional bloop single and the one HR against the reds since then.

    Don’t know whats up with him, but the rest before this series wasn’t enough to fix him.

  24. @52… But I think it was worse than that. I think he told Freddie the count was 0-1 and Freddie corrected him. A confident umpire would then, Klem-like, say, ‘The count is whatever I say it is.” Which would be correct. And getting Chelsea to review the videotape assumes that Wegner, a notoriously late strike-caller, would have his decision on videotape. Maybe he called it a strike when the ball was halfway to second.

  25. Duvall is Duvall, same as it ever was, and you just got to ride through it until he gets hot again.

  26. Bear down, Kyle.

    Is it just me or does Kyle Wright look like he should be wearing buckskin & riding around in a Wild West Show?

    EDIT: Way to go, Kyle

  27. This is a million better commentary squad today. I do wish for better umpiring and some more strikes from Wright.

  28. @70

    He looks more like an old-timey magician!

    By the way, I’d probably let Kyle have a bit more leash than he would otherwise. If there’s a tomorrow, we’re gonna need plenty of the bullpen for that one. I wouldn’t just leave him out there in early-to-mid 2000s Dusty Baker fashion, but if it’s a 50-50 call, I’m leaving him in.

  29. Maybe I have this backwards in my head, but wasn’t Kyle on the 3rd base side of the rubber when he had recent success? And today he is on the 1st base side? Maybe I have it wrong.

  30. @70 I was about to say something similar. I was thinking Val Kilmer from Tombstone, especially once Val starts looking rough.

    “I’m you’re huckleberry.”

  31. Several have commented on this before, but Ronald’s selectivity at the plate has become phenomenal

  32. What’s the plan? Wright goes for one more? two more if not too bad on pitches?

    then what? If we tack on a few more, I would like to do a Tomlin backed by Greene and Minter, as needed.

  33. Snitker will step on your neck if he thinks he has a chance to win a game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used some guys 3 days in a row if he thinks he can put it away.

  34. This pitcher was leaving fastballs over the plate, and I was feeling big hit from Duvall, but weird outfield made it only a double.

  35. @90 I don’t think Acuna would be very happy with that.

    I would rather tell him to stay away from the plate in his next ab’s.

    Regarding his wrist issue, yeah, I don’t think it is a bad idea.

  36. I was definitely gonna be disappointed if we didn’t hit a lefty who throws mostly fastballs pretty hard.

  37. @90, nah, it’s just the fifth inning. Way too early to start taking the game for granted. Don’t take your boot off their necks.

    That said, it might be time to put in Pache for Neck, and upgrade the OF to a prevent defense.

  38. Kyle! He just earned the sixth, too, in my book. Kyle for the sixth, some combination of Minter, Greene and Martin to finish it. That would be my plan right now, anyway.

  39. @94 I agree. Give the kid some experience going deep in a playoff game when he’s throwing so comfortably, particularly compared to even a couple innings ago.

  40. Just to have something to grumble about, I’m not sure that swinging at the first pitch after their pitcher went a solid three minutes without throwing one was the best idea, Ozzie.

  41. Had a customer event tonight and kept checking the phone during dinner. How has Wright looked so far? This is unbelievable!

  42. @100

    Early troubles, but very good the last several innings. Very good. And some great pitches to get out of his couple innings of trouble.

  43. @100, kind of the good version of him that we’ve been seeing the last few weeks. He hasn’t had feel on every pitch the whole game, but he’s been pushing the fastball up to 97 and has had some filthy tilt on his breaking balls, and he’s had the fortitude to get out of a few situations he put himself into. It looked really dicey in the second inning when the ump started squeezing him and he had men on, and then he bore down and got three outs in precisely the kind of situation he melted down in before.

    Hard to ask for more.

  44. @100 LOTS of soft contact. The hardest hit ball probably came with the bases loaded after a hbp,soft single ,and bb (albies made a good play).
    It looks like he can occasionally still lose feel for the ball and make a few uncompetitive pitches in a row, but he has been good at quickly regaining his composure.

  45. @106 I personally am gonna be disappointed if it isn’t a shutout. That must be a record, I think?

  46. So, like last night, first time live with Kyle Wright

    I mean this in a good way, but he’s going to be downright scary when he gets his command right

    The movement on his pitches? Just wow. And if he gets to slot behind Varsity, Jethro and our Soroka in due course, where is the ceiling?

    The only downside is 10 past midnight start up from next week

  47. You used to have to squint a lot harder to see a major league pitching rotation. Nowadays you can just about almost see one.

  48. #108
    In the 1905 WS, which NYG won in 5 games over the A’s, I know that every game ended in a shutout, but not sure how many runs were scored by the A’s in the game they won.

    EDIT: OK, I looked it up — the A’s scored 3 runs.

  49. A couple of interesting tidbits from the FS1 broadcast just now:

    First, Wainwright (who’s been pretty good, or serviceable at the very least, in this kind of third wheel roll) pointed out that Wright only threw a first-pitch strike on 9-of-23 batters faced. So he carved them up like that while constantly falling behind hitters.

    Second, to Carl’s point, we’re currently sitting on the lowest playoff ERA through five games in any kind of modern era, basically. The most recent team that had a better one was the 1919 Cincinnati Reds, the beneficiary of the Chicago White Sox trying to lose the series.

    @112, The Giants won the series 4-1 without giving up an earned run. They lost to the Philadelphia A’s 3-0 in Game 2, but all three runs were unearned.

  50. Ozuna ended with opposite field contact all day long, they must have been working on that.

    TDA just missed a bomb…..I wonder if they can get that call right when the ball is 50 feet over the foul pole.

  51. @116/121

    They’re just giving the Marlins their final bow on the way out. I don’t have a problem with it.

  52. We mostly agreed we didn’t want Markakis back this year and then lo and behold he was re-signed. I wasn’t too upset with it because I thought between keeping the apparently resurgent Duvall and signing Ozuna that Snitker wouldn’t pencil Neck into the lineup every day, even if he had to be ordered not to do so by AA. And so I was ok with him being used in a platoon role, LH bench bat and veteran leader. But gosh after a hot start he’s been garbage. 704 OPS for the year and minus .3 WAR in less than a quarter of a year. Under NO circumstances do I want to see him on the team next year. Thanks Nick. Good luck. The Braves can certainly do better. Inciarte needs to be gone too for anything the Braves can get. Just eat the money.

  53. C’mon Greene don’t mess this up. Don’t make us put Luke Jackson back on the roster.

    Thank you, Pache!
    Well done everyone.
    Rest up.

  54. Hey, another shutout. Crazy.

    Well, we waited 23 years for payback on this club… so we will take it. (Marlins now 7-1 post-season.)

    NLCS on Monday, y’all.

    And so nice that Fried, Anderson & Wright all get 5 days’ rest for NLCS Games 1 thru 3. We’ll worry about Game 4 when we get there.


  55. I was still in high school the last time this happened. I’m now 37. I took that series win a bit for granted, it being the ninth year out of 10 that we made the NLCS. Not so this time.

  56. Question on NLCS….are they going to play consecutive days? Or will it go back to traditional schedule?

  57. You used to have to squint a lot harder to see a major league pitching rotation. nowadays you can just about almost see one. I mean this in a good way, but he’s going to be downright scary when he gets his command right. this is a million better commentary squad today. I do wish for better umpiring and some more strikes from Wright.

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