On paper, today’s pitching matchup, Ian Anderson vs. Luis Castillo, favors the Braves as Castillo’s season ERA is 3.21 compared to Ian’s 1.95. Obviously, this is all dependent on what Braves team shows up today…the one that can hit a fastball or the one we saw yesterday. Castillo’s 2 fastballs sit in the upper 90’s and make up 50% of his arsenal. He also utilizes 2 offspeed pitches (slider/change) that each have a MPH separation of 10. All of his pitches are grading out as plus in 2020.

Fun little inside scoop, but the Braves were rumored to be in heavy talks with the Reds for Castillo a week before the deadline (I don’t have many sources, but this was a good lead and I trust it), however the Reds got hot right before the trade deadline and decided to buy rather than sell. Something to dream on for the offseason.

Braves/Reds Game 1 Breaks a Few Records

The Braves struck out a lot yesterday. Some would say a “shit ton”. 21 times to be exact. However, the Reds were hot on their trail as they also ended with 16. This broke a postseason record for most strikeouts in a game, previously held by the Giants and Nats (34 combined).

Before Freddie Freeman won the game in the 13th, another record had already been destroyed and claimed by the Reds and Braves. Never in postseason history had a game went to the 13th inning scoreless. Baseball is weird. If it was on your bingo card that the best hitting team in the Majors would help set a record for most scoreless innings in a postseason baseball game, liquify all your assets, go to Vegas, and put it all on black.

Braves Lineup

Just go ahead and get if over with , boys. We need a break.