Braves 4, Mets 0

Win, win, win. The Braves take their 5th win in a row and remain undefeated at home as the bullpen contributed 5 2/3 innings, allowing 5 hits and a walk, while striking out 7.

Braves starter Kyle Wright battled through 3 1/3 innings, allowing 5 hits and walking 4. However, 5 strikeouts, a double play, and some nice work by Tyler Matzek to close out the 4th with a couple of runners on helped keep the Mets off the board.

A.J. Minter returned the favor for Matzek in the 6th, coming into a one out, 1st and 3rd scenario to induce an inning ending double play. Until Mark Melancon was handed the 9th, all the Braves relievers entered with men on base and pitched in multiple innings. Shane Greene was the last to pay it forward when he relieved Minter in the 7th with a man on first.

The Braves scratched out a couple of runs in the bottom of the 3rd. Adam Duvall singled, and Austin Riley doubled, then the Braves loaded the bases when Adeiny Hechavarria reached on a fielder’s choice after Duvall’s bluff to the plate drew a throw home. A bases loaded walk to Ronald Acuna Jr. and a Freddie Freeman ground out was enough, as IWOTM.

Johan Camargo hit his first home run of the season in the 4th, and the Braves tacked on a run in the 8th on an Acuna double and a Freeman single.

Yeonis Cespedes gave the Mets his negative-seven-innings notice today, having packed his stuff and headed for parts unknown, leaving his agent to notify the Mets of his opt-out near game’s end.

The weekend wrap-around series concludes Monday at 7:10; Mike Soroka vs. Jacob deGrom scheduled, on Fox Sports 1.

The Braves are now 7 – 3, and 17% finished with the season. It gets late early this year.

Author: Rusty S.

Rusty S. is a Braves Journal reader since 2005 and an occasional innings-eater. It was my understanding that there would be no expectations.

36 thoughts on “Braves 4, Mets 0”

  1. Ububba had a long thought that got J.C’d.

    August 2, 2020 at 8:01 pm
    Well, that was your basic 10-hit/5-walk shutout.

    Truly, that’s hard to accomplish. And you’ll rarely see a pitcher dance thru raindrops the way Wright did in the first few innings. I mean, if he’d have given up a grand slam there, you woulda thought: Eh, he kinda deserved that.

    Coming into the past 2 games with some trepidation, I find it kinda mind-boggling that Wright & Touki went 8 combined IP w/o giving up a run. A little lucky & slightly amazing (sorry, Mets).

    So… beat deGrom 2-1 & sweep these guys while they’re still teetering.

    Re: Cespedes
    When it came big-contract time with the Mets a few years ago, it was quite a conversation around here. Mets fans were whining about Fred Wilpon (aka Fred Coupon) being cheap & not wanting to sign this “obviously vital” player that definitely carried them to a pennant in 2015. Meanwhile, anyone who’d been around Cespedes knew that he was a wild card at best. Despite his talent, teams didn’t seem to mind getting rid of him rather quickly.

    There were all kinds of stories about him, the nicest being that, despite being on the DL or dinked up to where he couldn’t play, he was still golfing every morning on Long Island’s North Shore. The club wasn’t so crazy about that.

    Another was that, despite a cannon for an arm, he refused to play CF anymore (or even RF) after signing his deal. While not playing CF made him less valuable to the team, he wanted to protect his legs. OK, so… he’s injury-prone… and he won’t play the position the Mets thought they signed him to play. By the time the crazy wild-boar story broke, believe it or not, it wasn’t that big of a surprise.

    I’m guessing that his awful start (161/235/387 w/ 15 Ks in 34 PA) may have something to do with his opt-out decision, but who knows? He’s been quite the enigma in Flushing. With him, it just never ends.

  2. Great stuff, ububba.

    If a player was given the option to take 60 team games off, give their salary back, and then come back at the end of it with no hard feelings, how many players throughout history would have done that? Let’s say it’s Game 102, you’re like 32 years old, you’ve made a zillion dollars in your career, you’re owed another zillion dollars starting next year, your team sucks, you’re not playing well, there’s maybe some issues at home, and you’re just… burnt out. And you can just say, “Hey, don’t pay me for the rest of the year, I’m outtie, and I’ll see you guys next year.” I bet a ton of guys throughout history would have done that, and that’s exactly what this COVID opt out is for these guys.

  3. Danke.

    If I correctly understood the Mets’ GM (at his post-game Zoom press conference), the Mets’ relationship with Cespedes is over. His contract is up with the club, he gets paid no more & he’s free to sign with another club next year.

  4. We have a fellow Braves Journaler here that is hurting tonight as his dad is in hospital with COVID and isn’t responding to treatments. I’ll keep name anonymous, but send some love to “DG”, who’s been here as long as I’ve been.

  5. DG, thoughts are with you and your family. Fervent wishes for recovery to your dad and comfort for your whole family as you go through this.

  6. @6, and Gil Meche retired rather than undergo shoulder surgery, giving up $12 million in the process.

  7. This is why I’ve loved coming to this bar since 1998 or 1999 when I stumbled upon it when I was in college at Jacksonville State University. Thanks to all for the well wishes. At this point, his kidneys have failed and his heart is only working by pacemaker. He’s been on the ventilator for about 41 hours as I type this. All I can say is this stuff is real. Please be careful. It’s not a hoax.

  8. @15 Thanks for sharing Alex – DOB has been reading Ryan’s posts:

    “Given the struggles of the back three spots in the Braves’ rotation, some have wondered if the Braves might consider stretching out Matzek to move back to starting.”

  9. DH—thanks for sharing this difficult news with us. Please know you have many sending thoughts of peace and healing your way for you and all your family.

  10. Hey everyone. I’ve been reading the site since 2007 (I think?) and have had the opportunity to write recaps in the past.

    I don’t post much anymore due to other commitments, and the fact everyone usually has better points than me.

    Anyway, it’s been a hell of a year and I just wanted to say I’m glad this place exists. I really appreciate everyone who has put time and effort into keeping this place alive. Thanks.

  11. The cardinals supposedly have 13 infections, 7 of them players. MLB seems to want to keep the details under wraps.

    Best wishes to DG’s dad and his family, and to all of you on bravesjournal.

  12. Best wishes to DG’s Dad – – that’s the important stuff. All the best.

    On a much lighter note – – let’s keep this streak going. Lots of uncertainty. Hoping Tooks and Wright can grow their appetite for more innings. But heck, if you’re gonna blow up your pen due to high usage – – no season like the present.

  13. Again I send thanks to everyone. This happened so fast. My dad received positive test results on 24 July, hospitalized on 29 July, and removed from all machines and passed peacefully earlier today. 10 days from the day he received test results and 6 days into his hospitalization. Folks, this stuff is the real deal.

  14. Prayers for DG.

    OK, tfloyd, this took me all day (although I learned a lot).

    There have been (since I think 1921 or so) 328,844 starting pitchers.
    Of those, 49,485 failed to get to the 5th inning.
    Of those 2159 gave up no runs while they were in the game.
    Of those, 42 gave up 5 hits or more.
    Of those, 1 walked 3 or more.
    That was Paul Mirabella, in this game

    He left with 1 out in the top of the 4th, having given up 6 hits and walked 3, leaving the bases loaded and having not yet yielded a run.

    But Balor Moore came in, facing Human Rain Delay Mike Hargrove who doubled to Grybo in two runners, leaving Mirabella with two runs on his ledger. Thus, as near as I can determine, Kyle Wright is the only starting pitcher in MLB history to (a) not get to the 5th inning; (b) walk 3 or more; (c) give up 5 hits or more; and (d) be charged with neither an earned or unearned run.

    That was tough….

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