Where Does Adam Duvall Fit In?

Before we get to the piece, let’s catch up on today’s Braves Roster News.

Albies and Acuña Update

Not good on either front. Braves shouldn’t be pushing Ozzie Albies if he can’t hit from the right side. Acuña will likely need longer than anticipated.

Matt Adams is Back!

While the need for Matt Adams has dissipated a bit with the arrival of Nick Markakis, he’s still a valuable LH bat that can change a game in one swing. He should still see some DH time against RHP. Let’s get real for a second…Chad Sobotka might’ve been optioned, but he’s not going anywhere. It’s painfully obvious that he’s a permanent member of the taxi squad.

Tonight’s Lineup

I thought that Charlie Culberson would definitely get a look at 3B after the weekend turned out to be unkind to both Austin Riley and Johan Camargo, but I was mistaken.

Now…Where Does Adam Duvall Fit In?

Player A is sporting an absolutely awful OPS, hovering around .500. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Player B’s OPS has been around .800 all year. In addition, baseball savant is rating player B higher in just about everything (screenshots seen below). Now the question is, why does it seem like one of these players positions is locked in while the other spent just about the entire 2019 season in AAA?

Player A

Player B

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now this comparison is between Ender Inciarte and Adam Duvall. While they are both currently playing every game due to unfortunate injury, what happens when Ronnie returns? Everyone touts Ender’s defense as being worth putting up with him at the plate, but is it really? If that’s the argument, I doubt Pache would be worse at the plate while showing us even better defense. Duvall has Ender beat in sprint speed by a good bit. Duvall even used to play center field and he’s a wizard with the glove, I’ll take him in either corner spot all day every day.

In 2016 and 2017 Duvall had back to back 30 homer seasons and was on pace for about 25 before going ice cold after being traded to Atlanta in 2018. This slump got him sent to AAA where he did nothing but mash for months. He finished 2019 with 42 homers in 142 games between AAA and MLB. Since returning to Atlanta for 2020 he’s done much of the same. He has 3 homers in less than 50 at bats this season, but more importantly he’s getting on base and driving in runs. He even crushed the go ahead home run Saturday night.

When it comes to contracts, Ender will make $8M in 2021, Duvall will likely make half that in his last year of arbitration. Why should the Braves pay double for less production? Ender has become expendable with Duvall on the team, especially with Cristian Pache and Drew Waters both coming up capable of manning center field. Let’s have some fun, in the comments brainstorm your favorite Ender trade! I’m sure Ryan has a few more trade ideas than he let on in his article a few days ago…

All in all Adam Duvall deserves to play every day. When Ronald Acuna Jr. eventually returns, I fear it’s inevitable that Snit will continue to start Nick Markakis and Ender over Duvall. The numbers speak for themselves and this teams needs Adam Duvall in the lineup every day.

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64 thoughts on “Where Does Adam Duvall Fit In?”

  1. From last thread…Rio is definitely a launch angle believer. He and Lane Adams trained a few years back to increase their launch angle and dropped their hands quite a bit. I believe he’s continued to work every offseason on swing adjustments.

  2. David Hale was DFA today, I guess I wouldn’t mind trading for him if it’s just cash. (As SP).

  3. I’m shocked culberson isn’t getting any playing time. Don’t see why he’s on the roster if he isn’t going to play.

  4. I like a deal with Seattle where Ender Inciarte, Cole Hamels and Austin Riley go to the Mariners for Marco Gonzalez, Kyle Seager, and Mitch Haniger. Taking Hamels is the penalty for adding similar dollars to Seager contract due to trade. Haniger is a risk due to injuries, but has another year to get right and could replace Ozuna next year. Marco is ready to go for four years.

  5. I don’t think that’s enough. Ender isn’t adding value to that trade, Hamels doesn’t do much seeing as he may pitch 2-3 games this year and they’d only give him what $3M? Seager is being paid a lot and then haniger and gonzales still have plenty of service time. If I’m the Mariners I’d laugh at that offer.

  6. I was just about to write that Touki looks good tonight, and now it’s 3-0. But truth is, he does look pretty good. Two fastballs got too much of the plate, and both ended up in the bleachers. I hope he can settle down and give us a few innings.

  7. Ender is the most pathetic offensive player I’ve seen since Folty.

    Ok Touki, they picked you up, go have a clean inning.

  8. Nicely done there by Riley!

    On a different note, I feel like the advent of superimposing the actual strike zone onto TV broadcasts is going to speed up the adoption of an electronic strike zone by multiple years. It’s just painfully obvious now when an umpire sucks, and unlike with plays in the field, there’s no current recourse to fix it.

  9. Either the Braves SP are taught organizationally to nibble or an entire crop of guys just have zero command. Both are bad.

  10. Touki is now missing by a lot, but that was strike 3 to suzuki that resulted in a walk and run.

  11. Chip just suggested that the Nats may send the runners on a 3-2 count. The bases were loaded, but there was only one out. Martinez knew better; the next pitch was a ball so the run scored without stealing home.
    Obviously Chip at first thought there were two outs, but instead of admitting the mistake he said “let’s see how the Nationals play this.”

  12. The ump is indeed squeezing Touki, but that doesn’t excuse 5 walks in 3 innings.
    But hey, could be worse; he’s only given up two hits.

  13. Because they didn’t have any baseball in June, the Braves had to delay their June Swoon till now.

  14. @43 or you? or me? How much worse could Culberson be? Johan and Riley are useless at the plate

  15. Like, at some point, the Braves have to figure out the answer to the titular question, given this performance, right?

  16. Yeah, they are going to lose by 1 after all just to stick the dagger in further.

    And NOW Camargo gets a hit …..damnit!

    That sub of adams for riley and hechavarria coming in was also a dud.

    Adams shouldve hit for Camargo, and if they went to the bullpen, then riley gets a lefty.

  17. Right idea getting Charlie Clutch in there, but wrong idea having him pinch-run. Needed to have him pinch-hit for Outciarte.

  18. @61 I still think we can burn the bottom three of the lineup to the ground…but the top 6 are ok…lol

  19. I, for one, did not see that coming… at all.

    Such a frustrating game, I went to the gym right after the 8th inning.

    Quite a WTF moment, eh?

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