I think in the thread it was ububba who mentioned missing the start of this bizarre 6:05 start. Well, I did also. I had seen it “on the web,” but forgot. So, around 6:40 I remembered and tuned in. It was 10 to 1. It was the top of the third inning. I was glad I had not been watching. And, thereafter, I watched almost none. Yes, I shirked my duty to dutifully report on this debacle.

This time, rather than Robespierre, maybe it was Jane Addams acting. Taking the incorrigible youthful offender away from the scene of the crime to reflect in the bucolic setting of Gwinnett County. For whatever reason, despite occasional flashes and what appears to be “good stuff,” Sean Newcombe is about as useful to a major league baseball team as screen doors on A NUCLEAR SUBMARINE. the old joke on that doesn’t account for the fact that old school subs had to surface almost once every day and maybe if you were off Guadalcanal you might need screen wire to hold back the mosquitoes. The Braves held back Greasy Cheese Thingies less effectively than a properly poised digestive tract.

So, in the first 2 innings, Phil Gosselin, Rhys Hoskins, and Bryce Harper had already scored twice. So that is 6. Another 4 individuals joining in during that inning made it 10 to 1. Robbie Erlin served as a long man and gave up 2 more in 2 and 2 thirds. Thus lowering the runs given up per inning pitched from 7 to below 1. Progress is a beautiful thing to see.

Later on, Snit subbed out a lot of the regulars. Well, the irregulars mounted a fairly impressive uprising in the 9th. Got 7 back. But, when you move win probability from 99.99 to 99.25 that doesn’t exactly thrill the heart. That may have generated some offensive spark in the irregulars, but who really believes that?

Onward to the Bronx Good Touki better hide Bad Touki or it could get ugly.