Braves Roster News and Game Thread

As stated in yesterday’s Braves Roster News piece, the team had to trim the roster from 30 to 28 and did so by making 3 subtractions and 1 addition.

As discussed yesterday, Jackson and Schebler seemed the obvious choice to go down and Sobotka seems destined to be a break glass in case of emergency filler from the player pool. I do wish Schebler would’ve gotten more of an opportunity, but I’m ok with the decision.

Braves Roster News: Rusin Back to Gwinnett

Braves DFA’d Chris Rusin 2 days ago, but he passed through waivers and heads back to Gwinnett.

Wither Ender…Again?

The Braves are facing a RH pitcher tonight, yet Ender Inciarte‘s name was not penciled into the lineup. Brian Snitker had some interesting words when asked about Ender’s omission:

I have a feeling they’re looking for a new home for the former gold glover as a sort of “change of scenery” deal for a starting pitcher. Time will tell…

The Lineup

Braves go RH heavy against a RHP. Putting the LHHs in hasn’t worked up to this point so why not?

Finish the homestand off in style, boys!

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85 thoughts on “Braves Roster News and Game Thread”

  1. Impressed with the top to bottom pitching in the game last night for the Jays.

    You know, is it easier you think for batters or for pitchers, in clutch, close and late situations – – to play without the noise of a home crowd?

    I gotta think a bottom of the 9th, down-a-run home crowd would’ve helped the Comeback Kids last night. Would’ve added some mojo, right?

  2. I wonder if Snitker is going to the better defensive option at third in Camargo. Neither are hitting much. Riley hasn’t hit much at all.

  3. It warms my heart that DOB thinks Snit might use an opener. I think it shows that Snit has come a long way, but I think it’s still wishful thinking.

  4. @6 Same can be said about most of the regulars (not hitting).
    Freeman, albies, ender, camargo, riley, and on a lesser scale, acuna, duvall and flowers with low sample size.

    Heck its just easier to mention those yhat have been hitting: swanson, ozuna.
    Surprising that the braves have this good of a record and are scoring 5 runs a game with the anemic offense.

  5. Liked what I saw from Touki there, even when he missed, they didn’t by much, and he missed down in the zone.
    Didn’t know he used a changeup, not much velocity difference with the FB, though.

  6. Touki is my fave of the “haven’t figured it out yet” gang. Here’s to hoping this is a good sign for what can come.

  7. For some reason I pull for Touki more than the myriad other young pitching prospects. He seems particularly appealing.
    And they really need him to put it all together. So far so good tonight.

  8. Well, that success didn’t last too long… Bear down, Touki

    I mean, he’s got a great name… gotta root for him

    He’s in the league with Biff Pocoroba, Rufino Linares & Buddy J Solomon.

  9. Jays got really aggresive all of a sudden and got Touki by surprise. No excuse on the HR pitch though, that was a hanger.

    @18 Nobody is perfect….except Soroka….(cries).

  10. Touki is starting to look like a man who could be taken for a pitcher. I’m into it.

  11. Damn, Touki Toussaint is answering the call. This guy can pitch for my club.

  12. I’m thinking more about 3rd time through the order issues and lack of stretching out, but yeah, he’s definitely earned the right to keep going.

  13. My goodness my gracious, what a whale of a game that man threw.

  14. I’m not convinced 2020 Neck is a better player than 2020 Ender.

  15. Everyone here was in agreement that Touki shouldn’t have come out in the 7th, right?
    Especially after the delay.

    2 and 3 and they still leave him in; that and Markakis will cost the game if they lose it.

    Good damage control, though. The pen better not blow this.

  16. It’s absolutely ridiculous for the Braves to have as many fantastic bullpen arms as we do and leave Touki in with just a 2 run lead. He’s only just been stretched out to start, and he is now at risk of getting no decisioned in a game where he was perfect aside from one inning.

  17. Of course….. great time for Matzek to crap the bed for the first time.

    These last 2 games feel like playoff games, with the braves obviously on the losing side.

    @44 I thought it was obvious that the game would be blown after failing to get the runner from 3rd with no outs in the 6th. Been a fan for too long, seen it too many times.

  18. Dude is making his 2nd start, had no camp, and Snitker tried to push him into the 7th. This one’s on him.

  19. Just so typical that the ineptitude of Markakis and Snit get showcased at the same time

  20. I don’t think the additional defensive value from hechavarria is worth not having Riley on the field. I don’t care if he K’s 3 times a game, but at least he has a chance of running into one.
    Hechavarria has shown nothing offensively this year (small sample size, I know).

    @55 well I was trying to be generous since he had a hot streak to end last year.

  21. Hechavarria has shown nothing offensively his entire career.

  22. I will always love Hech for “I just want to thank God that I’m no longer on the Mets” but he has no business being on this roster.

  23. Frediot was worse than Snit in every way. But this game was Snitker’d.

  24. Cant believe chip actually called it.

    Well, he calls it every time markakis gets an AB, he was bound to eventually be right.

  25. Hey…

    he drove in the third run…
    he’s just driven in the winning run…

    you guys…same every year.

  26. Bonus points to Chip for saying the same exact thing that he said on Opening Day 2018: “Nick Markakis walks us off”.

  27. So, it’s 2 of 3 from the Mets. Call it a 4-game split with Tampa. Then it’s 3 of 4 from the Mets. And 2 of 3 from the Jays. Despite the drawbacks, that’s pretty good baseball.

    In fact, that’s a 38/39-win pace, equal to 104-58 over 162.

    Nine game road trip coming up & it looks like Touki & Wright will start in Yankee Stadium. Wonder who’ll start the Saturday’s game in Philly…

  28. Chip is secrerly upset that he never got a chance to say “with one swing of the bat.”

  29. Fansided ran an article proposing a deal with the Cubs for Jose Quintana. Proposed price is one of Sobotka, Dayton, or Martin. I like the plan to wait for a while, but I’m fully on board except for Martin.

  30. I love reading the game threads, and I really mean to interact more than I do. After Maple’s injury, I really struggled to have good feelings about baseball for a few days there, but baseball, this time in the form of Nick Markakis, has a way of always slowly winning me back. It was a badly needed rejuvenating moment for me.

    @65 – I appreciate a good Font joke. My wife and I were making them as he warmed up.

    @72 – I was curious how long it would take fans to figure something out like that. And this is an irrelevant non-sequitur, but I’m just going to guess that was you I tied 6(4)-6(4) yesterday in another corner of the internet. If so, small world!

  31. To temper my excitement, I’ve decided to compile the best pitching performances from prospects of yesteryear according to game score:

    Matt Wisler: 8.2 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 0 R, 3 K (78 game score). October 4th, 2015 vs. the Cardinals
    Lucas Sims: 6 IP, 3 H, 2 BB, 0 R, 4 K (68 game score). August 22nd, 2017 vs. the Mariners
    Aaron Blair: 6 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 2 R, 10K (61 game score). October 1st, 2016 vs. the Tigers
    Rob Whalen: 6 IP, 3 H, 3 BB, 1 ER, 6 K (61 game score). August 18th, 2016 vs. the Nats

  32. A little did ya know for Friday morning:

    The Atlanta Braves just won a series this week vs the Toronto Blue Jays, a little (not much) payback for the 1992 World Series (which featured both teams). DYK: of the teams 2020 40-man rosters, 50 of the 80 players were less than 1 year old when the '92 WS was played. #baseball— Scott W. Luton (@ScottWLuton) August 7, 2020

  33. @74

    I almost tipped my chair over backwards when I saw that Wisler line just now. He almost threw a four-hit shutout against the 100-win Cardinals??? 102 pitches through 8.2 innings!?!?!?

    It happened on a football Sunday on the final day of a season in which we lost 95 games, so I must not have been paying attention that day at all.

    By how many miles was that game the greatest performance of his life?

    Aaron Blair striking out 10 guys in six innings is also pretty shocking, but that Wisler game beggars belief.

  34. It’s noteworthy that Wisler and Blair’s best games came at the end of the season against teams that were also terrible and probably couldn’t care less if they won that game. Whatever got them to the offseason fast enough. That was Wisler’s only game score in the 70’s, so it was his best performance by a mile.

  35. Blazon, I see your comment. Hope your tech issue is resolved?

    Btw, periodic PSA — if anyone’s having trouble with the site, please reach out to any of the site’s editors, or to me if you have my contact info.

  36. Yeah…I’m always available if you have tech issues and should be able to get back to you within 24 hours.

  37. @80

    Thank you. So odd. When i lost the ability last night to access the site via my usual browser, chrome, it continued to find any other site. And still does, and still can’t find BJ! So switched to Firefox and got straight up to BJ.

    God help us all, we technophobes. Thank you Alex.

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