Atlanta Braves Spring Training: Notes from Game 10 & 11

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Well, the Braves aren’t winning and as I’ve stated before, we shouldn’t really care THAT much. However, there are a few bullpen guys that haven’t dressed to impress thus far in the Braves Spring Training games.

Braves Spring Training Notes: Sean Newcomb Looking Good

Newk went 3 innings on Monday night, allowing no runs on 2 hits, while continuing his walk-less streak through Braves Spring Training, which is quite a feat (even for 5 innings) for a player that has been very walk prone in the past. He’s now down to a 3.60 ERA for the spring.

Braves Spring Training Notes: Shane Greene Continues to Struggle

Shane Greene pitched on Monday and had poor results and is now boasting a 16.88 ERA for the spring. It’s a crazy small sample and might I remind everyone that it’s practice, but it’s still worth noting as he’s an arbitration guy and isn’t guaranteed his full contract. While I don’t expect that he’d get cut, here’s a breakdown from a friend of mine, Braves Option’s Guy, on what Braves would owe him if they decided to go that route:

Braves Spring Training Notes: Austin Riley and Johan Camargo Continue to Perform

I’d love nothing more than for both of these guys to continue to hit and force Anthopoulos to carry them, which would in turn, force Brian Snitker to play them.

  • Austin Riley: .842 OPS, 1 2b, 1 HR in 19 PAs (only 3 Ks)
  • Johan Camargo: 1.032 OPS, 1 2b, 1 HR in 18 PAs (only 3 Ks)

With Freddie Freeman‘s elbow, and the need for rest all around the diamond, between 80-ish starts at 3B each, 10 for Riley at 1B, and 5-10 for Camargo at 2B and 5-10 at SS, there’s room for good players.

Here’s Riley’s mammoth HR from yesterday.

Felix Hernandez Continues Spring Success

King Felix threw 4 innings of 1 run baseball on Tuesday although he did allow more baserunners, giving up 4 hits (all of the 1B variety) and walking 2. Snitker likes what he sees and discussed it here:

Braves Bullpen Locks Continue to Dominate

Chris Martin

Chris Martin made his Braves Spring Training debut after being slow played due to the oblique injury that crippled him in the Cardinals series (what if?…nah, not going there), and he was brilliant striking out the side in a perfect 6th innings.

Darren O’Day

Darren O’Day also put up his 2nd consecutive scoreless outing and is still rocking the eggs on the ERA.

Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson also K’d the side in a scoreless frame, but it wouldn’t be a Luke Jackson outing if it didn’t get a little hairy as he gave up a hit and threw a wild pitch.

Will Smith

While Will Smith hasn’t been as dominant as the aforementioned 3, at least according to ERA, he’s only given up 1 earned run in 3 innings.

Potential Braves Relievers Continue Good Work

Phil Pfeifer

I’ve talked him up quite a bit in the past and Phil Pfeifer has not let me down this spring as he’s now 4 appearances in without giving up a run, while only allowing 1 hit, 1 walk, and striking out 5 in 3.1 IP.

Touki Toussaint

With a new, cleaner delivery in-tow accompanied by a killer curve ball and a fastball sitting 94-96, Touki Toussaint might be making that turn that many thought he’d make last year. He’s only given up 1 run in 4.2 innings of work with 5Ks, 2BBs, and only 1 hit. We as fans need to remind ourselves that Touki was an incredibly raw pitcher at the time Coppy acquired him from Arizona, and patience that hasn’t been shown in the org up to now, should’ve been priority one. I got a feeling Touki’s going to do things in 2020. Here’s a good look at that curve:

Cristian Pache‘s HONGRY!

After a quiet start to Braves Spring Training, future CFer, Cristian Pache is filling up the stat-line with 4 hits, 2 stolen bases, and a home run in his last 2 games, upping his OPS to .833. Y’all ain’t ready for him.

Thanks for reading our Notes of Games 10 and 11 for Braves Spring Training. If you enjoyed this piece, give our piece on Bryce Ball a read!

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24 thoughts on “Atlanta Braves Spring Training: Notes from Game 10 & 11”

  1. Crazy thought here, but might have some validity (no, it’s not from any source): Martin Prado showed up in camp the other day as a “guest instructor”. Would the Braves try to talk him out of retirement to be a bench player in 2020 and retire a Brave? I mean, no one else is stepping up to grab that spot.

  2. From David Adler at

    Dansby Swanson — SS, Braves
    57.8% line drive + fly ball rate (29.0% hard-hit LD+FB rate)

    There’s no reason Dansby shouldn’t be great. Well over half of Swanson’s batted balls last season were line drives or fly balls — putting him in the 92nd percentile of MLB in air contact, sandwiched between superstars Trevor Story and Anthony Rendon. Nearly 30% of those line drives and fly balls were hard hit, putting Swanson in the top quarter of the league in hard-hit air contact, right behind Pete Alonso and George Springer. Hard line drives are hits. Hard fly balls are homers. Swanson’s got plenty of both. The only thing he doesn’t have is the stat sheet to show for it … yet.

    Swanson deserved better last year. He underperformed his expected batting average (xBA) by 20 points and his expected slugging percentage by 60 points, despite a 28.7 feet per second sprint speed that put him in the top 15% of MLB (way above the 27 ft/sec league average). Now he just needs to put it all together in one healthy season. Write this down: Swanson is going to have an “all-around star” type of year just like teammates Acuña and Ozzie Albies.
    — Adler


  3. Prado in his prime was one of my favorite Braves players ever. However, he had a -1.3 WAR last year and his OPS has been sub .650 and sinking since 2017. It is definitely time for him to hang up his cleats. Camargo or Culberson are much better options IMO.

  4. Stu, I may have missed it if you gave them before but do you have any thoughts on Pfeifer?

  5. Hmm, not sure if I’ve said anything recently, but it looks like this is what I said on the day the Braves acquired him.

    One of the more decorated HS athletes in the history of TN. Went to Farragut in Knoxville — chose VU over UTK. :)

    Super-thoughtful kid (no longer a kid). Trevor Bauer-esque in some (mostly-endearing) ways. Would expect him to be a big hit in any clubhouse.

  6. Can anyone expound on the pitcher who gave up 4 hits thus 4 runs yesterday in the 8th? SINGLES THEN A HOMER?

    coop…preserve them elsewhere for posterity.

    Swanson…have been saying this for years. This time then. MVP

  7. Sorry about that, coop! I found a couple of your comments the overly aggressive spam filter unaccountably grabbed and unspammed them.

    To anyone, lurker or regular poster: if your comments aren’t posting please email one of the blog admins and we will investigate.

  8. I just assumed that positive predictions re Swanson and Coop couldn’t coexist on the same thread.

  9. @15, the way I learned it in school, the same matter cannot occupy the same space.

  10. Today’s game is a pretty good example of the worthlessness of the spring training record. We beat the Pirates 9 to 7. Position players on the 40 man roster drove in or scored 0 of our 9 runs. Pitchers on our 40 man roster allowed 6 of the 7 runs scored. Not exactly the way you want to win ballgames in spring. We’ve lost a few in the opposite manner.

  11. @coop

    I reached out to Matt about the problem. He’ll get to the bottom of it. Sorry dude. Not sure what’s happening.

  12. No biggie. I’m too old to sweat most anything. I enjoy reading you guys. That’s what matters to me: great content and well-reasoned discussions.

  13. I liked seeing Ball pickup some strong ABs and Jenista with the game-tying homer. Plus Philip Pfeifer with the save!! A few takeaways to be encouraged by from the game today.

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